Flashback – After School


This must be one of the better songs on After School in my point of view. The other songs were kind of bland and did not go straight ot the point, yet still winning many awards. This song is much different. It is like the other songs (Diva, Bang, Shampoo) but is much more updated. It is more straight to the point in a way. I really love the actual song altogether. The start to beginning. Nothing technically ruined or spoiled the song for me. Despite not winning any awards for this song. I stilled liked it.

Music Video

The music video is kind of like T-Ara’s Day by Day, where they dance and close-up were shown of the members. However there were scenes of the girls dancing around the guy, while the guy was tied up in a chair. Also scenes of the girls singing to themselves in front of mirrors, and that really long walk they had in the music video. I just wished to say, that the camera was kind of shakey. Not like SM’s Earthquake camera used in A-Cha, but watch where the all the girls are just posing, kind of shakey. Out of all the scenes, I loved UEE’s scene at the very end of the music video, where she shoots the guy. No wonder she is my favourite in the group.

PS. Also, I hated those lights in the back. I know that they are meant to be making the girls look beautiful and quite sexy, but no, just a big distraction and turn off.

Live Performance

I loved that Panorama dance. I think that is what they call it. (Correct me please,) but that is one of a line up. It looks so freaking cool and quite original. I also liked what the girls where on each stage, kind more casual than suits and dresses. ( I am referring to their more recent performances on the music shows).

And The Rating?

8/10. Just the music video was quite a let down for a really good song.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Live Performance:

Music Video Here:

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