Day By Day – T-Ara



This must be one of the slowest songs ever for this year. But not only that, it is pretty good. Despite their scandal recently, they have held a strong song. Not winning any awards unfortunately, but this song is still award-worthy. I really love the steadiness of the song overall. It is summer and summer is known for dance dubstep shuffling music, and this song is kind of a relief from this song. However I felt that they held back a bit too much for this song as well. Slow is not really T-Ara’s thing. I like it, but this is really not an image for them, compared to other songs like Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, Roly Poly etc.

Music Video

This music video is a lot like Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey. Just only the type of song and title did not really fit the music video. This was kind of Zombie Apocalypse and fighting style kind of music video, but yet we get some unappealing and unfitting.

Besides that, this a a really rocking type of music video. Blind girl (Dani) and her sister have survived a evil villain. They hide in cars and live their life in freedom but with their guard up. As for the villain, she is going around looking for Dani, those with or without an answer is killed. Later the villain’s army finds Dani and her sister. They fight. Sister is defeated and Dani taken away from her. A guy turns up and save the sister’s life, while Dani is trapped in the cage and the villain soon notices that this girl has amazing powers. Then the sister wakes up. Wow, dramatic much.

As for the dance version. NO. THIS SONG DOES NOT A DANCE. Totally ruined it. I don’t want hands flying around me and stuff like that. Rubbish. Oh and those awful flashes, and the really annoying change over cuts, are really stupid.

Live Performance

No to the dance. Thank you very much.

And The Rating?

5.66666667/10. The song was good, the music video was average and the dance, no.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

Music Video (Drama +Dance Versions):

Live Performance:

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