Pandora – KARA



This song is pretty cool. It is more serious than their last comeback (Step), but not serious as Lupin. I really love the tune. I am not really a a big fan, but I have to say, I was hooked onto the song straight away from hearing it. The instrumental was really really good and appealing. The only thing I have to say about the song which was the let-down, would have to be English in the song. The start I thought, they were saying something like “Oppa-yaaaah”, but turns out they are saying “Up and Up”. I Actually was surprised. Beside that the song was pretty good. I loved the rap as it blended in with the whole song. Yeah…

Music Video

I found this music video like any other music video in the KPOP industry. In the room. No sense of other civilization. I actually thought the music video was dark somewhat, because of the dark colours the girls were wearing and the back ground. They did try to add colour into the music video. but it kind of looked dark as well. Also those eyes, kind of actually ruined that part of the music video. I enjoyed the high note part, but the eyes were kind of creepy.

Also Pandora’s box is not clear at all. Thought I just say that. I would rather think the box would be opague, as it contains the evils of the world. I hope I am talking about the right box.

Live Performance

It is basically the dance from the music video. Nothing changed. I did like the fact that they actually sang live for the whole stage. They always impress me. I also find their costume quite okay. I really do not understand  the lingerie scandal. They look fine. Even though it is not what they were wearing in the music video, but they are fine.

And The Rating?

I guess I have to give it a 9/10. Really good, song, music video and live performance.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:

2 thoughts on “Pandora – KARA

  1. Love your review, but maybe you should give a little more in-depth info regarding the music so that we’ll know what we’re in for when we read your posts 🙂


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