No Mercy – B.A.P


B.A.P made their comeback with another fierce and powerful song. This however did not carry out the same kind of vibe, as Warrior or Power, but is more a gangster, bling bling  type of song, that I would expect Flo Rida to carry out. But they made this song look professional for such a new rookie group. They are still fierce, but at the same time, quite mature.

The song is definitely gives off a different feel to the group than Warrior or Power. They gave us more of a tough kind of image, than a gangster, laid-back kind of image. The song is quite a catchy beat than really makes this group outstanding. At first, I thought the song would not work out for them, but I was wrong. It grew on me, and turns out it one of the most listened to songs on the list. The raps are always superb in my opinion, and the vocals are always great as well. I really don’t have anything to complain about this song. Well, beside Himchan’s Boom Clap Boom Boom Clap part. It sounds like he was saying gibberish to me.

The music video is quite smart. From a foreigner’s mind, the zoom in images of the random objects are really random, and may put the viewer off. However, quite cleverly thought out by the director, the images compliment the lyrics so it is good. The music video too was quite dark for me, which I don’t really think is that important, but when I think of it again, a really bright music video would not have worked as well anyway. I also did not the like the red-orange background for some the video. It was quite distracting. But beside that, with song and dance, everything else was alright. Oh wait, shorts.

The live performance is pretty good. Daehyun never leaves us unimpressed with his high notes during the performances, and the dance is pretty good. I am not sure if some of the performances needed the traditional instrument players to come out, because they made the stage look a bit messy and uncoordinated, but they had their time to shine.

Well, look at that. 8.5/10. The music video was a bit distracting. but beside that I am quite happy to give them this rank.

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