Nobody is Everybody – Wonder Girls


Well, the girls have finally made their Japanese debut after what has felt like years of rumours, confirmations and waiting. They used their chart-topper Nobody as their debut song, which was a really good idea, since it made many international fans wary of their existence when they made their American debut.  But how they named the song was kind of weird? Well, time to explain why I think so. Nobody is Everybody is like having the denominator of 0, which means there is no real answer. But if it was the other way around (Everybody is Nobody), it really does not work as well, but it sounds like the 0 is the numerator, meaning the answer is 0.

The song is really the exact copy of the Korean version, just in Japanese. It is kind of catchy, but when I first heard of it, I found it really catchy. It is much calmer and gives a different image to their other songs like 2 Different Tears, and Be My Baby.  I think I like the Japanese version is better than the other 2 versions because it sounds less awkward and weird. Most of the Korean songs translated and made into Japanese songs sound awkward (ie. Tick Tack by U-Kiss). This is much different, in my point of view. I think it would’ve have been fair for the original song to have a rap sequence a bit earlier, than putting it at the end of the song for Yubin. But thinking back, I don’t the rap was actually needed in the song.

The music video was completely remade, which is pretty good. I think the music video is much better than the Korean or English version. There is only one reason: JYP. I really cannot stand his acting, and he puts me off watching their videos. I don’t hate JYP, but I just find it weird that he is in a music video, when he is the CEO of a famous company in Korea. Product-placement much?

The dance is again really catchy and the girls look pretty good on stage. 🙂

I would give this a 8/10. Really good.

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