One For You – U-KISS


U-Kiss is back in Japan with another great single. More for fan service, I think, but still a good song that can be promoted. The average K-POP song just got a bit more fun than usual, which is pretty good. I love it, and so should you. If you want a laid-back, cheerful, yet a song which you can dance to: you have come to the right group. This is the one song, that we do not get that much in Korea or Japan, and keeps the groups mature look despite them smiling and having fun.

The song really has this really good techno instrumental to it. It is really good. The English is also pretty good. I really liked how the group managed their lines and split them up, with a rap sequence in between each verse and chorus, which is creative. I also loved the chorus and the “yeah, yeah yeah yeah” part of the song, which is definitely really catchy and shows us a different side U-KISS that we have not really seen. The only thing I wish to complain about in this song is that high note, that was at the end. That kind of did not fit in. I was definitely disappointed, especially when I knew the vocalists could do better.

The music video is pretty good as well. Kind of average, but still pretty good. Only one thing I hated was the suits that they wore and the multi-coloured background which they had behind them for their solo shots. But beside that, I really liked the music video. The only thing is, it should’ve been for the whole song, not just the first 3 and so minutes.

There is no live performance of this song, that I am actually aware off. They may have performed it at a solo concert  but since they released this single and around a month later they released Stop Girl, I really don’t think there is a performance out there.

I am gonna give this song a 9/10. Pretty good.

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