Party XXO – GLAM


Another rookie group! How many rookie groups debuted this year? Well, there was B.A.P, EXO, AOA, GLAM, EXID, Lunafly, 100%, Hello Venus and loads more. But this group really stand out in my point of view. They are different, in the sense that they go up there for fun, than winning a prize. They don’t seem that serious at all when they go onto the stage anyway.

The song is definitely a soft, yet really addictive dance track. It is meant to portray the girls as a cute group, but I think they are more on the terms of fierce and badass. Also, definitely this group is completely different. The girls talk about kissing girls and loving girls, which open a new page in the history of KPOP. Soon we’ll be seeing such groups like Big Bang and Super Junior talking about gay men, but hey it is all for the good. LGBT people are still humans in the end, they deserve their rights!!!!

The music video is quite like the normal KPOP videos we have everyday. Just there is a gingerbread in this video dancing and having fun. I also loved the CG effects they have in this video, it is quite different and unique, in the sense, that CG effects are not used for cute music videos like this. But beside the videos is alright. Nothing bad, I guess, but really nothing that outstanding.

The live performance for their song is kind of weird. If you follow me on G +, which nobody does… (Click Here) I noticed in most of their performances, the blonde chick (sorry about names, I am quite hopeless), did not sing at all. Either she sang with the group, danced or smiled. She had no solos whatsoever, which is quite disappointing. They are rumoured to have a comeback later this month, so I expect even lines. 😀

8/10. Pretty good for a debut track. YAY!!!!!

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