I’ll Be There – Spica

Source: http://americankpopfans.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/09.19-spica.jpg

Back from their debut earlier this year (I think) with a different song. I am sure earlier this year they made their debut with Russian Roulette, right? Well, they showed off their vocals there and new style, which was different in a sense. They also had a comeback with Painkiller, which showed the girls in a totally different style, showcasing their vocals. I liked thier Painkiller song, and compared to this, this was much of a letdown. However this is still a good song, right?

The girls set the standard a bit too high with their previous song, and to make a comeback with a song in like an 80’s era really does not match that standard. (Yes, you may guess, I do not like 80’s). But this song still has some of their vocal talents in it. It is also really great that they are trying something new for once, not like certain bands. It really matches their image though, they are the type to do these songs. It is has that cute feeling that is carried through the song to the music video. I guess the most memorable part of the song would be the “I’ll be there!” It really brings the song to a whole new level. From crappy to pretty modern. But I am sure it can be agreed that some parts can be fixed. The raps do not match the feel of the song, and some parts sounded thrown in and mushed together.

The music video is quite weird. Something tells me it is quite similar to Girl’s Day Twinkle Twinkle or Oh My God! Horse head and something you do not see everyday: a horse as a DJ. Duh, best part ever. Just imagine the clean up bill for that one. I am not sure about the start of the music video. A girl in an alleyway in the rain kind of sounds really out of place for me. But with the stars as well, make the whole thing seems like a gospel to me. You know? Not really great. One last thing: the shirts. All I can see is now is SsPpIiCcAa. Yeah, gibberish.

The dance here is kind of okay. I mean, I don’t really have much to say about the dance. Actually you know what, I have not noticed an of the live performances. I just listen to the song. Weird! But hey, the group still have their dance skills.

7/10. I think that is reasonable.

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