Bloom – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


OMFG! She is back after like what 2 years since her solo debut and around a year after her group’s comeback. Cute *Check*. Sexy *Check*. Hot *Check*. Feminine *Check*. Makes everyone go WOW *Check*. Like seriously, I was so happy to see a new mini album released, and with JeA apparently making her solo debut in November, I think I am gonna die in a good way. Like come on, Miryo, Gain, JeA and if Narsha makes a comeback in December, OMFG! The idea just sounds too good for me.

Now the song was something that we all did not expect. We were expecting something badass like Irreversible or Sixth Sense, but instead we got something that was light and fluffy. Now, I have to admit, I was disappointed at first, but the song grew so much on me, to the point where I L.O.V.E it so much. Like come on, who does not like this song. Though the song itself was not really up there with the other songs that Brown Eyed Girls are used to, it is still a great song. It calms you down from the summer hype and you can enjoy it. Though her English is quite bad in the song, I think the song makes up lost ground in the music video. ;). The beat of the song was something new that we never had heard, and is quite different compared to the rest of her album. So, I approve.

Now, this music video was pretty good. Yeah. Well, this is awkward now, because you think I am now some perverted old man. Wrong!!!! I enjoyed the music video. I really love when she is outdoors and is like “OMG, soft grass!!!” She looks cute and equally pretty. However that little scene in the kitchen and the overly shown sex scene, made me laugh. She seemed to enjoyed it. LOL. But, it makes me wonder, how on earth did she film that without looking uncomfortable? But beside I enjoyed the dance. But was totally surprised with the “scenes” that I have been forbidden to talk about. Oh, and I found the start was dragged out a bit too much.

The dance to this song was quite cute and fluffy as well. It consists of a table, a few chairs and a lot of rubbing of guy’s legs. Yes, a lot. But overall, I enjoyed the dance. I really like the clothes that she wears for these performance, and don’t mind the guys clothing, just get rid of the shoes. Get rid of them.

Anyway, I would give this a 9.5/10. I guess this would be reasonable. ;). As for the porn rating of this video….


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