That XX – G Dragon


Yay! Another song that has been since forever that was on the list to review. G Dragon released this song separately before releasing his actual album and this song got some light. Although, this is not G Dragon’s best song out there, it is still a good song. But I have been noticing, YG artists have comebacks with more than 1 song, 2NE1, Big Bang, Epik High etc. I am pretty surprised with the amount of effort that YG puts into the comebacks.

First of all, I was blown away with this song. I was completely caught off guard with song (and so were you!). I expected something hip-hopish and we all got some really smooth ballad. Really, G Drgon should just rap and do his crazy stuff, not sing ballads. However this song is pretty good. I did feel his voice a bit awkward in the song and was really held back. I don’t think he poured enough emotion into this song than One Of A Kind or Crayon. This song just sucks compared to the other songs. However, who is comparing this song anyway! This song just alone would be pretty good. I liked the guitar and found the rhythm pretty good. But beside that, I was disappointed in the song. Also, I hated those beeps. I know they are covering up words that should be heard by young people, but seriously? Could they not just found a less hurtful word!

The music video is quite interesting in a way. It was dark, like the song and quite mysterious. The song talks about a guy who follows his girlfriend around and finds that another guy is treating his girlfriend bad. It turns out that “other guy” is actually him and he treats his own girlfriend quite bad. So that is why you see him all sad and sulky and see him looking through some keyholes in the door, as if he is stalking him. The only thing I hated in this whole video is the fcat how they made G Dragon look in the video. firstly, hated the hair, secondly they filmed the face as if the skin was all flaky. Like geez, that is really disgusting.

As the live performance, I found it okay. Nothing bad really. I was just *insert poker face here*. But the guitar was pretty good.

Yeah, okay song, just does not live to the standards of One Of A Kind or Crayon. 6/10.

[Having difficulties trying to link the music video in. will do after exams]

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