Gangnam Style – PSY

A hit as soon as it came out in August (Yes, I know. We are in November. I am like only just 3 months delayed). The song that has become the number 1 song in like almost every country in the world and has taken the world by storm (not a literal storm, though.) I guess this is a big moment and all I have done is dragged out the time this review was meant to come out. Nothing will stop Psy now, and with Part 2 of this album to come out soon and along with his American debut album to come out in November, I guess we will all be on the edge of our seats until the day he releases it.

The song is definitely catchy, and was catchy when it came out. However, since it rose to fame, I felt that the song has become really annoying. Everytime I turn on the radio, Gangnam Style. Go to a Cafe, Gangnam Style. Walks past a music store, Gangnam Style. Listen to the popular girls in school, Gangnam Style. Yeah, that is just my point. The lyrics are definitely something, as they depict Gangnam (a city in Seoul  as the Korean version of Beverly Hills.  At least this song was not banned like his other few songs, and the rest of his songs. But yeah, if you have not heard of Gangnam Style, where have to been. I guess I don’t have to say much more. Hey Sexy lady!

The music video is kind of the push to making Psy famous. I am not sure, but I am sure the horse dance rose him to fame. His music video is quite funny as well, if all his actions and showing that he has no fear of anything. The kid at the start is a heck of a dancer, and the scenes throughout the music videos were all pretty cool. I really liked Yoo Jae Suk’s (yellow suit man) dance session in the music video. But out of all that there is in the music video, I am 100% sure, that we cannot forget about Hyuna. Yes, I think she was much cuter and sexier than Bubble Pop or her recent release in October. Yes, much cuter and sexier. She was epic in this music video, just she ruined the song with the other version (Oppa is just my style).

The dance is definitely the most memorable part of the song. Really who has not attempted to dance this song? To the point where I yelled at my sister for jumping too much. But that is another story. But seriously, all the dance moves are all memorable. If you have not danced this song yet, where on earth have you been?

Well, you are waiting for a score right? 9.5/10. And that is me being picky.

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