Ice Cream – Hyuna


Hyuna is back after promoting with her band, Volume Up and I think, staring on some kind of TV show. Anyway, Hyuna has always been known to be “sexy”, but with the haters out there I agree she is trying to sell her body. My thoughts. There is sexy and there is slut. She just stepped into the slut area, however, like her Green Apple song she can step back to being cute and not look like a slut. Don’t worry Hyuna, you are still my favourite member in 4 Minute.

The song is quite something. I had mized feelings about this, and I am leaning to the side where this song should never have been promoted. “Don’t Fall Apart” was a much better song and it was a pity it was short. This song however, kind of sounded weird. I liked some parts, and that part was mainly the part after the chorus. I have to say, the rapper was awful, but the part at the start where he opens the song sounds good. I am not sure about the instrumental. Again mixed feelings, but I don’t think I can agree on whether I like it or not.

The music video is kind of weird as well. Though, I thought the music video was quite boring. Psy repaid Hyuna for featuring in his music video by featuring in her music video as a ice-cream eating machine. I am so thankful, that they decided to at least put some form of ice-cream in here, rather than leave a yummy element out of the music video. We see her driving an ice-cream truck, that make men drool. Yeah, that does not sound right. I think he inside of the truck seems unrealistic  when the van is quite small. She sprays people with creamy white stuff from a hose and takes a bath in a bubble bath. The thing I want to ask: why the hell is there a batman sign in the protesters  It says: “Batman is Gone” or something like that.

The dance is alright. I mean, it ranks the same as the rest of the other areas anyway. But the start of the dance is quite good, the rest was hard to follow on with.

To be honest, I was quite happy that this was something different. But it just stood out like Bubble Pop and Change. 5/10.

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