What’s Your Name? – 4Minute

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4Minute is finally back with a brand new, badass song. Described as “Fantasy Hip Hop”, I think the world “Pop” summed the song up really well don’t you think? It is not your average pop song, but it still what I consider as pop. As for our zombie demographic, Hello! Sorry for neglecting you guys. You guys are finally in a video. That and T-Ara’s Zombie Lovey Dovey version. Don’t eat my brains please.

At first, listening to this song. I was quite disappointed. But after listening to it for the 1075895893456489534895x time, I actually find it quite addictive and it, honestly, sounds very attractive. This is the badass song that I have been waiting for since their previous hit songs. They claim the song will take you back to the Muzic era. I don’t really feel anything, except for the fact that I did not go back in time at all. Quite disappointed. I actually like the song. The beat was amazing. I love the chorus and the rap that Hyuna has. The English parts are quite good as well, “What’s Your Name?”. The start however sounded quite familiar. Ice Cream anyone? Just one small complaint though. Give the leader some more lines!!! She seemed quite sad with only like 2 lines in the whole song, while the other members got 609756867567 lines. Seriously!!!

Zombie fail attack
I don’t know why YouTube stuffed up! I blame the flashing lights in the video.

The music video on the other hand seemed quite random. At first, it seemed normal. Until the zombie apocalypse came. Well, just to point it out, they still look quite attractive despite drooling for brains. Yeah, I tap the zombies anyway. Hence, why I am going to focus mainly on the zombie side of the music video. I guess we can say: That was a pleasant surprise  If you were expecting that, there is something wrong with you. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, I won’t say. Now I guess they reacted like normal people when they first say the news. But how they reacted when the zombies came that got me raising my eyebrows. JiHyun (?) is suing her police baton which she basically stole from the policeman earlier in the video to her advantage. So is the maknae, grabbing the chair. As for the other three, crouching down with a bunch of zombies won’t do much. Nor will holding a hairdryer will help your life. What is going to happen? Is the zombie going to be blown away?

As for the dance, I thought it was cool. It also seems that 4 Minute will be going back to their lip syncing problems. That or the performance did not match up with the music. But overall, pretty cool.

7.5/10. Pretty cool overall.

Here is my question: Does the start of “What’s Your Name?” sound like the start of “Ice Cream” by Hyuna? Just like the first two seconds?

24/7 – 2Yoon (4 Minute)

2Yoon, the first subunit of 4 Minute has finally made their epic debut into the KPOP scene with 24/7. They announced that they were going to try and promote a country pop song. At first, this may sound quite disgusting  but seriously  it was much better than what I expected. Actually, it is on replay for me …. 24/7. 😉

This is something different, yet at the same time sounded really good to my ears. It takes you back to an era that was never visited in KPOP and Pop songs in general. I quite like the vocals of both the singers in the unit. I love the whole song entirely, I think the song is just perfect. I don’t much to complain about the song at all. I think my most favourite part was “Boom Clap, Boom Boom Boom Clap, Boom Clap.” It added some kind of chic yet at the same time maintained the whole country feel of the song. The chorus was definitely really catchy. Now I know many people are saying 2Yoon are copying B.A.P with the “Get Down. G-g-g-g-g-get down” part of the song, but to me, that is a load of crap. As, a popular Hong Kong drama used to say: “1 time may be coincident, but after 2 times occurring, it is not a coincident“. The only part which I find kind of weird is the bridge itself. It kind of does not fit the whole feel of the song, but still, sounds pretty good.

The music video is kind of weird from my perspective. Why? Because if I was a girl, I would not be doing farm work in high heels or expensive boots. Nor will I be doing any digging with a very expensive hat, jacket, pair of pants and/or any jewellery on myself. Why? because they are usually expensive, and would cost a fortune to take to the dry cleaners or to clean it myself. Now beside rich girls going to a farm to kind of “change it”, the girls bring a wave which causes a hype in the whole town. I liked the set which the music video was filmed in. It was very original. I am confused about the ending, though. Was it a dream, or did they think it up in their imagination? But anyway, the music video was quite good.

The dance is very western like. It is pretty easy to follow, and the moves are not that difficult. Yes, I tried it. You have a problem? Now, I know that overalls are a good choice for this style and dance, just leather overalls, are very distracting. Yeah, quite distracting. 😉

Anyway…. 9.5/10.

Ice Cream – Hyuna

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Hyuna is back after promoting with her band, Volume Up and I think, staring on some kind of TV show. Anyway, Hyuna has always been known to be “sexy”, but with the haters out there I agree she is trying to sell her body. My thoughts. There is sexy and there is slut. She just stepped into the slut area, however, like her Green Apple song she can step back to being cute and not look like a slut. Don’t worry Hyuna, you are still my favourite member in 4 Minute.

The song is quite something. I had mized feelings about this, and I am leaning to the side where this song should never have been promoted. “Don’t Fall Apart” was a much better song and it was a pity it was short. This song however, kind of sounded weird. I liked some parts, and that part was mainly the part after the chorus. I have to say, the rapper was awful, but the part at the start where he opens the song sounds good. I am not sure about the instrumental. Again mixed feelings, but I don’t think I can agree on whether I like it or not.

The music video is kind of weird as well. Though, I thought the music video was quite boring. Psy repaid Hyuna for featuring in his music video by featuring in her music video as a ice-cream eating machine. I am so thankful, that they decided to at least put some form of ice-cream in here, rather than leave a yummy element out of the music video. We see her driving an ice-cream truck, that make men drool. Yeah, that does not sound right. I think he inside of the truck seems unrealistic  when the van is quite small. She sprays people with creamy white stuff from a hose and takes a bath in a bubble bath. The thing I want to ask: why the hell is there a batman sign in the protesters  It says: “Batman is Gone” or something like that.

The dance is alright. I mean, it ranks the same as the rest of the other areas anyway. But the start of the dance is quite good, the rest was hard to follow on with.

To be honest, I was quite happy that this was something different. But it just stood out like Bubble Pop and Change. 5/10.

Volume Up – 4 Minute


This is a great song. I don’t really like 4 Minute that much. I am not a fan and do not like any of their song. I find most of their song awkward or not appealing. This song on the other hand is much different. I love it and am totally digging it. It has that Spanish feel to it that we got in Mona Lisa with the accordions and now this song has some instrument which I unfortunately can’t identify. Yeah, me and music theory don’t go well together, but I still passed class  by playing “Ode To Joy” and an Elvis Presley song. The rap in the song is the most concerning part of the whole song for me. I am actually in the middle with the rap. Half of me says the rap should not have been included in the song while the other half my body is saying the rap was pretty good and did fit in. Yes, I feel quite weird. I also heard the song is actually quite controversial because of its lyrics suggesting that girl groups are becoming more sexier and are losing their main job of becoming singers but instead as sexy models. I am quite disappointed about this because 4 Minute is actually telling the truth. Many girl bands nowdays are losing the singing factor and instead are becoming really inappropriate singers/dancers to watch.

Music Video

The music video actually adds a different style to the many videos of KPOP. This song is nothing about sexy dances (There are sexy dances in this song however they are not focused on that much in here). The song is much more myertious, like Brown Eyed Girl’s Cleansing Cream or Sixth Sense. There is so much here. Take their setting. They are like in these places which may or may not creep you out and give the sense that not that much people enter these areas, so we can say that the girls are like some where trapped. The mysterious vibe is added onto by the creepy looking vampires that happen to appear behind them just before the first chorus breaks out. Wait, are they really vampires or DEATH EATERS? KPOP and Harry Potter have finally intercepted each other. LOL. I can now go and reread Deathly Hallows for the 15000000000000000 time. The only thing I have to complain about in this video is the very start. Hyuna is possessed in the music video. Yeah, beside showing us she is a vampire, there is not much to say. Oh and if Cube Entertainment was trying to scare their viewers, they failed. My experiences so you can’t comment here.

Live Performance

Okay, yeah. This song changed nothing with my point of view on 4 Minute singing live. They just can’t do it. Beside that, the dance is pretty cool. I like it a lot. Most favourite part is actually when 4 of the members are circling the fifth member and pointing at her. Also when Hyuna raps and they all put thier hands up was pretty good as well. WHY CAN”T DANCES BE THIS SIMPLE? THEY LOOK COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And The Rating?

I would give this song an 8 out of 10. A Really Good Song.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Okay, This must be asked…

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker*

NOTE: I love the heading for this post. MUAHAHAHAHAHA….


This song, I find very awkward for some reason. I really like it however it really is not that great. I don’t know why I said that but it just is. It has this Michael Jackson feel to it. Okay I know why,  I like the song but not the singers.

Okay back to the song. It has this Michael Jackson feel to it especially when JS has his solo parts. The chorus was very catchy and I liked it a lot. Hyuna’s rap was eased into the song really well. However what I think would’ve made their song much better was a male rapper right after Hyuna’s rap. The section in between of Hyuna’s rap and JS’s solo was bland. Yes, I know the gap was very small however I think a male rapper would fit very well with Hyuna.

Music Video

Definition of sexy much? This music video is really, really good. Got me to the edge of my seat when I first watched it. But to be honest, the second time around I was bored. Third time and I wanted to watch something else. It was pretty werid when I watched it the fourth time. There are scenes that I think should not have fitted in, like the scene when they are singing on the roof of the building. Also something I am very confused about. JS was in Hyuna’s room and Hyuna was about to open the door. If I am right, they are in a hotel. If my observation was right, JS would have to be a pretty good climber or jumper to get back to his room. Or the hotel must of been a motel and consisted of only one floor. Oh well, to my next point.

The music video consisted of a Mr & Mrs. Smith theme, however the characters are not married. They battle it out but both I assume are dead by the end of the music video. Unless Hyuna’s a good bullet dodger and JS can walk through fire.

Live Perofrmance

Not a fun performance but a very sexy one. I just don’t understand the viewers. Yes I would say the performance was too sexy however somehow they don’t realize that much of the dance was changed. Actually I lost interest in the whole performance because of the change. Visually there is not much of a change however my mind is now put off the performance because it changed somehow.

And The Rating?

8.5/10 would be the perfect score for this song.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy