1000 Years, Always By Your Side – SHINee

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SHINee is finally back in Japan after releasing a song in October. However, this time around, they have gone for a much softer song and is nothing like Dazzling Girl. This song hit my heart the most, and I loved the music video a lot. They always kind of surprised me this time around, with a song that I was not expecting.

The song is a really good ballad, that caught me by surprised. I thought, from the title, that it would a song for their fans or for a girl like Dazzling Girl. It is a really good ballad which really does bring out their voices, however I found that the song was Jonghyun dominated rather than the other members. At first, I thought that there would be no rap in the song when I first heard it at the start, however I was completely wrong. They included a subtle rap to the song, which fits the feel of the song really well. If anything was to be changed, give Taemin, Onew, Key and Minho or lines please. I really do think the song is definitely Jonghyun dominated.

The music video is one of the best videos which I have ever seen. This comes up along with Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus, The Grasshopper Song, Is the White Horse Coming? and Brown Eyed Girl’s Cleansing Cream and Sixth Sense. There is nothing in this video that is wrong or confusing. However, I am here to stuff up your thoughts, as normal, so here is my take on the music video. At the start we see the SHINee guys wearing full on black clothing and standing at a bus stop with some old people. We are then taken to the hospital, to see a family, about to be broken up, as the son is sick and I am assuming that the mother and father are about to break up. However, this draws the family closer. The father is contacted by SHINee who tell him that there is a way to make your son happy again, which is basically open a box of balloons up. He listens to them and opens the box, however knowing that there are consequences , he is tragically killed in a fire at a circus. We then see him boarding the bus, which means the bus is like a gateway to Heaven. Such a sad music video.

I don’t think a live performance of this song exist. Or even if there is a dance. Let’s not.

8.5/10. Really good.

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