Talk That – Secret


Secret is back with another song, however unfortunately cannot promote their song anymore after a terrible car accident, which left Zinger in hospital with serious injuries. As a KPOP fan and an actual human being, I would wish the girls the best in their road to recovery. But beside that, the song is much different then their previous songs which they had. This is much more slow and vocally dominated, rather than the usual dance dominated song.

The song is definitely much different than Secret’s past song. This song draws out their vocal talent, opposed from  dance. Poison, Love Is Move, Madonna, Magic, I Want You Back, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight were all songs that relied heavily on dancing. This song however, you can hear that the group actually singing. Zinger also sang instead of rap. each of the members have really good voices and actually sound really good. It is good to have a song that is different to their usual image. This song talks about them the pain which the girls go through after their boyfriends betrayed them. The song has a hint of sadness which brings out their message, in the song.

The music video is just the girls having their reflection moment after their boyfriends had broken up with them. I really like the whole talking theme, and how they used the old can and string phone which is really cool and smart for a song that relies on the whole heap of talking. The music video also shows the girls walking around in the city and all of that. However, the girls do seem like they are lost and confused. This also further shows their pain and grief which they have.

The choreography also shows how lost and confused they are. They are dragged around and picked up. The backup dancers add to their confusion and to our confusion. Even the choreography tells them to walk forward a bit too much and then they have to back up, as they are in the wrong place.

9.5/10. Must I say anymore?

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