One Year – Zia


So this will be my last post for 2012. Amazing right? 2012 is finally over, and I specifically chose this song to end the year because it has deep meaning, and I actually like this song. The next review will be released on the first day of 2013 and will hopefully continue posting reviews next year. (I wrote all of this on the 17th). By the time you read this, I will be on holiday and to upset you guys, wrote a whole heap of reviews and scheduled them.

Anyway, the song is a ballad. I like different types of ballads. However, this song is much better than a normal ballad. It is much softer and much more depressing then normal ballads. I think this would be something that girls would listen to after going through a break-up  I love the lyrics as they tell us a story. Many KPOP songs just have a whole song that means nothing, while this song has enough emotion through the vocals to just make a person cry. The vocals are really drawn out of the singer and I quite like her voice. The instrumental of the song contains a really soft piano, which sounds really nice.

The music video is the thing that I want to speak about the most. I love this music video. Actually no. I L.O.V.E this music video. Even though, I am a guy, Guys can be soft as well. This song talks about 3 sides to a guy. The angel, nice guy or perfect guy (played by Siwan from Z:EA), the normal guy (played by Baro from B1A4) & and the devil (Bang Yong Guk from B.A.P). These guys show the many types of relationship we have, as we see each guy reacting a lot differently to normal situations, whether that be punching a mirror or making your girl a cup of tea. Even though this portray guys as dark and evil and unpredictable animals, I believe most of us would fall into the normal category. Guy or girl. At the end of the day, we all end up being tired and we just cannot be stuffed solving problems in our own lives, let only problems of other people.

I also love the lighting in this video. For Siwan, we have a good sunny day coming through the windows. For Baro we have the normal grey cloudy day. For BYG, we get a stormy looking day outside, even to the point I think some read was added into add the fiery feel to the character. Really well done.

I am going to give this song a 9.5/10. Really good. No excuses.

I would like to also wish you all a Happy New Year. Have fun on the last few days of the year, and I will see you back soon on the 1st day of the next year, or maybe the second, cause I think many people will be partying hard and sleeping through the first. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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