Lonely – Spica

Source: http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/20121122_seoulbeats_spica5.jpg

The girls have made another comeback and have not failed to impress this time. You may know as this as the song that rips Sistar’s Alone big time, but I believe that this is a unique style. Yeah, so screw all of you haters out there. Wait, I mean, the girls have shown a different..um…style..to Sistar. Yes, I was meant to say that….

Anyway, the song songs equally as unique as the girls have gone for something a lot serious. Screw happy girls, these girls are mature. They sound more mature than their other song, I’ll Be There, which was happy and full of life. This song however is quite different from I’ll Be There. This song has more highlights for me than their previous songs.  I found the start of the song is quite subtle its lyrics and it slowly brings the full glimpse of the song into full as it edges closer to the chorus. I love the”papapapapapapa” in this song. It adds to the feel of the song much more than a boring instrumental. However, I have to say. Lonely is the title of song. However when they pronounce at the start of each line in the chorus, they sound unrecognisable. But beside that, really awesome song.

The music video has not plot. It is just them, a few solo shots and them dancing. KPOP companies, it is not that hard to make good music videos. I guess they only had themselves in the music video, so they can look “Lonely”, but beside that, not bad. I guess you can say they stole Sistar’s dress, however not everyone who wears a tight dress and has a cut down the side is considered to be Sistar’s dress. Even this dress seems quite loose and is made of a different type of material compared to Sistar’s near glossy-plastic type.

The live is pretty good. The dance kind of reminds me of  Marilyn Maroyle (Is that how you spell her name?), where she would stand on top of a fan, with a fan underneath, her dress would fly up, and she would only cover the front of it. Pretty good dance.

I’d give this song a 8/10. Pretty good.

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