Janus – Boyfriend

Source: http://img.ohkpop.com/2012/11/20/Br57Nu13.jpg

Boyfriend came back with another song after Love Style in mid-November. Back with a more mature and quite different side of the boys, that we have never seen. The music video is quite interesting, while the song is a bit too much for me. But beside, this is a comeback that I looked forward too a lot.

The song is really too much for me. I am used to these horrible, non-addictive songs that have cute lyrics and aegyo lines for guys to sing. Yeah, this song is horrible and at the same time does not really portray Boyfriend properly. For me, it would be really hard if you sang songs that showed a more mature side. Keeping that in mind, it would be extra hard if you go back to cutey songs. B1A4 pulled it off perfectly, but I am not sure about the Boyfriend guys at this moment. Janus, to me, does not draw out the vocals of the group as much as their previous song. However, the rapping in this song is definitely fierce and fits the feel of the song. I am proud of Minwoo and the twin that raps. This song does not have a catchy chorus for me and for some reason the start of the song always seem to put me off.

However, beside me disliking the song, I quite enjoyed the music video. It was very interesting. Now, I wish to raise the point. The two twins are very hard to differentiate. Especially in this music video, I cannot tell who is who at all. Like come on, make it easier for the viewers!!!! Anyway, Janus is the Roman (Or Greek) God of two face, time and all sorts of things. In this music video, they use the twins really well, as if they are one person and mirrors them into two different universes like Hell and Heaven. While the others in Hell are sickened with the twins heartbreak, Heaven is more comforting and calm with the situation. That I really like. I do like the scenery of the music video for the two worlds, as Hell is dark while Heaven is full of light. Really well done.

The live was not that good, for this song. I found the dance a bit to mainstream for a song that meant more mature, and every time they jump, they remind me of their debut days. Not that great.

Anyway, I give this song a 6/10. Some major bad points, but overall good. Hopefully, they will come out with a much better song for their comeback this Wednesday.

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