Alone – UKISS


UKISS has finally made their Japanese comeback with Alone. A previous song released in December, was Distance, however I won’t be reviewing. It has been shortlisted, which means they might get reviewed. I just don’t know when. Maybe a whole heap of smaller reviews, like a few sentences each month or something for like a few songs? I don’t know, what do you think?

The song is pretty good. I liked much more than their ballad release in December. This song has its roots in its poppy feel, but I love its dubstep feel to the song as well. It seems to have a catchy chorus, however, I don’t see me singing this song all of the time, like Girls Generation’s I Got A Boy. This time around Hoon and Soohyun got to perform much more than usual, showing off their superb vocals. However, it feels like Dongho got a 1 line rap, while Kiseop got a 2 line moment in the whole song. The rest of the members got like 1095645854976 lines in the whole song, which is quite unfair. About the rap, actually, it did not feel as it was needed in the song. I don’t know, also Distance did not need a rap as well. A let down, but over all pretty good.

The music video was pretty well done. There were some bad points but also some good points as well. The costumes look pretty cool, however Kevin, G-Dragon is worried about his boxing gear and you might want to give it back. I liked the dance, with the use of the diagonals and puppetry in the dance. Watch carefully. Also the dubstep at the 2:25 to 2:46 part is pretty cool. However, the set seems to be quite familiar, you know the light and the holes in the wall, from TVXQ’s Bring Your Head Down? You know that one? Oh, one more complaint. Dongho should never have long hair. It does not suit him.

7.5/10. Pretty good, however there were some let downs.

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