Everything Is Pretty – Youngjae (B.A.P) & Sunhwa (Secret)

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Towards the end of December 2012, an announcement was made by TS Ent about a secret collaboration between the companies two main groups, Secret & B.A.P. Later, it was revealed that Sunhwa and Youngjae had collaborated for a song which was later promoted in January of 2013. Talk about some boring talk, it is a good song, just did not fit well at all.

Now let’s get this straight, I really like B.A.P and Secret, and all the members for both groups. Just this song, was definitely not the best choice for these two particularly good voices. Both Youngjae & Sunhwa are pretty good singers, but this song was not the best option. I think this song would’ve have been much better for Daehyun (who I believe in being shoved to the side by TS to promote Youngjae) and JiEun. Youngjae’s vocals are very husky, while Sunhwa has a hint of cutey, aegyo voice in this song, just they both did not go well together. Actually, my ears kept saying something like, “They are not singing in the same harmony, Youngjae’s voice was too empowering for Sunhwa.” The instrumental was okay, but not as good. The song was not epic as I expected or anticipated. A major letdown.

The music video is just the singers singing and “recording” their song. Nothing much. So I will focus on the performance.

Let’s just say, this was one cute song. Sunhwa holding a picture of Kwanghee for Z:EA and Youngjae holding a piture of B.A.P’s fan group, BABYs. I liked the stage, and I think Youngjae actually toned down his voice just a bit for the performances, so it was okay. Nothing major though.

5/10. Sadly. But I am always sure that a better song or another couple can be chosen next time, if the two bands do collaborate again.

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