Dream Girl – SHINee

Source: http://images.kpopstarz.com/data/images/full/2013/02/20/53814-shinee-dream-girl-choreo-stand-mics.jpg

SHINee is finally back with another rocking song. If you want something like Lucifer or Sherlock, this is not the song for you. But something along the line of Replay or Juliet, then this is for you. I am just thinking, if you are a dedicated KPOP fan, you probably will agree with me that this has to be the best music video ever from SM Ent. Though it is still in a box, it is much more than the box, odd lighting, horrible clothing and loads of close ups. Agreed? Read on.

Dream Girl is a really funky, technological song that is kind of the same level as Sherlock. Dream Girl is much a different compared to the past songs, maybe just due to the fact that technology has eaten up the song and threw up (which is a good thing). The vocals in this song are pretty cool. Minho, who is the rapper, actually has more than one line to sing in this song. Amazing. Not only that, but the chorus is pretty catchy. I really liked the song. Overall, this is one of the best songs for me, by SHINee and probably one of my favourite songs by a SM artist.  I find this song matches SHINee very well. The use of the electro beat is mushed up and crazy like Girls Generations’ I Got A Boy.  The song is about SHINee’s Dream girl and what they expect to be the dream girl, which is an interesting concept to sing about. Overall, a cool song.

The music video is amazing. Though there are some things that I am not fond of in the video -cough-fashion-cough-cough. Got a bad cold. Sorry. The set for this song is amazing. Like that triangle lighting at the back is pretty cool. Along with the stuffed room and the built in trampoline in the wall. Also the amazing holes that the members can climb through at any time (?). Actually, to me the most amazing part of the video is that this is a good quality music video from SM ent. It is not Mr. Simple or The Boys style. It is a music video that I would expect from another company for another band. Really good, just fix up on the really nerdy looking clothing. Those floral jackets are not in season at the moment.

The dance is awesome. To me, this song is accident prone. Even the comeback stage at MCountdown did not go tot plan. Minho’s microphone stand broke, and the group just went along with it, even though it was a potential hazard. Goes to show how professional they are at their game. As for the dance, it is pretty low for SHINee, but hey it still does look good and does have their style within it. I am just waiting for the day the microphone stand just rolls off the foot or slips from the hand.

9/10. Woah, an excellent song that is really up there.

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