I Yah – Boyfriend

Source; http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/20130113_seoulbeats_Boyfriend-620×500.png

Boyfriend has finally made their comeback with their repackaged album of Janus, with the song, I Yah. After achieving a much larger fan base with a much more mature concept then their last few releases, this comeback was quite anticipated by fans.

To be honest, I was looking forward to this comeback by the boys. However when I first heard the song, I was quite disappointed by the standards that Janus had given them. However, after a few good listens to it, I actually quite like the song. I Yah does not have any meaning, like there is no translation for it. It makes the chorus of the song, quite hard to understand, for me, but that is because I am stupid. I quite like the rap sections of the song, which fits the concept quite well. The ending of the song, was did not grab me like what the raps did to me. It was out of place and definitely did not fit the feel of the song at all. The vocals were pretty okay, but it could’ve have been better. However, I liked the instrumental of the song, from the guitar to the drums. It was like an electro band beat.

The music video is pretty cool. For the dance parts in particular, those cameras which filmed the members dancing while leaving the heads still and then the camera starts to get very shaky are pretty cool but at the same time, quite freaky. I liked the set for the dance parts too: they give off this manly feel to the whole music video. As for the plot of the storyline in this music video is quite interesting. We see a girl who is getting confessed to by most of the band members, however she only chooses one. Yeah, that is okay, but those guys seem to be quite obsessive. In a particular scene, she is sitting in class talking to her friends. Then another guy goes up to her, and starts chatting up. Jealous or just plain obsessive, the madly in love guy is really angry and shoos the chatting guy and the girls friend. Yeah, that is just not the right way to treat your girlfriend. Exactly what made you appealing to her in the first place is quite confusing.

The live is pretty good. The dance had a lot of rubbing in it. Wink Wink. Yeah, but beside that, it was okay. It could’ve been better. I liked the ending though. It really fitted the concept of the comeback.

7/10. Pretty good.

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