Turtle – Davichi

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Davichi made their comeback with a new song called “Take a Drink Together”, however today we will be reviewing Turtle, a song that was pre-released ahead of their new album. Awesome. I am not really a big fan of them, but this song has a really cool message and sounds really good. Too much information? Keep reading the review. (I apologize for this review being like 2 days late_

This song is really deep. Its lyrics describe the pace of the aftermath of a relationship ending as slow as a Turtle walk. Seriously  I have never thought of it that way before in my life and after witnessing many of my friends (forever alone) break up, it does go as slow as a Turtle. I really like the vocals that this duo is known for and it fits the song quite well. I have no complaint about the song, it is just perfect. It is not too slow (-cough- Justin Timberlake – cough-) and i felt the song was positively portrayed. The piano has a great feel to the song and overall, I was satisfied.

The music video was really well done. It had some kind of Alice In Wonderland theme to it. I really liked it. The music video itself tells of a different story to the music video from my point of view, but at the same time, it compliments the music video really well.  The pink haired girl is kind of creepy though, but it seems quite cool. But that pink fluffy passage seems quite suspicious. Firstly it seems she is in a forest in the middle of nowhere, so that is quite suspicious. She acts as if she does not know anything which confuses me. And that guy, is seriously creepy. But overall, beside feeling creped out, this music video is really cool. I like how they used really soft lights at the night time and the colour blends well.

There is no complaint for the live at all.

7.5/10. Really good.

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