Miss Right – Teen Top

Source: http://d1i45kki000yqu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/teentop_dance.jpg

Teen Top has finally made their comeback with a new song. It has the potential to be like Crazy which won and top charts, however it is a horrible time to make a comeback since SHINee and Infinite are all making their comeback.  But nevertheless, the song still maintains the high standard which their previous songs have given them.

Okay, this song is not the best from Teen Top at all. It is okay, but it does not show much of their talent. The song overshadows their singing talent and rap talent. Those “LaLaLa” parts were so annoying and after listening to the song, not much has changed. The chorus was okay, but it was not as good. This song seems to be more Changjo dominated than another of the members. The instrumental was okay, but it was not the best thing out there. The raps seems to be the minority in the song. You listen to C.A.P and L.Joe rap once and that is about it. They don’t open their mouth or anything at all for the rest of the song. Ricky does not get much lines as well. Chunji and Niel seems to have the same amount of lines and Changjo just dominates the song. Overall, the song was okay, but could’ve have been better.

The music video is enough evidence that this song is meant to be that the song has a fun concept. But I don’t understand why they dress up in black, it kind of counterbalances your idea of having fun. Their jail theme is kind of weird  I am not even sure if weird is the right word. To me, it does not fit in with the concept. They seem to have fun perving on this girl and sent to jail for no apparent reason. And what is with their jail names? They seemed to be those random password generators that came up with the names. Also, the music video had a small amount of brightness, it seemed a tad dark didn’t it?

The live is pretty good.  No complaints for the dance at all. The dance fits the feel of the song and the dance is quite imaginative and creative.

5.5/10. Okay, but it could’ve have been better.

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