Expectation – Girl’s Day

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The girls are finally back a new, sexy single, Expectations. This is a song that tells of a girl who chases or tries to grab the attention of a guy. Ever since that one member (Sorry, I don’t remember any of their names) left, the girls have been taking a totally different approach to the music scene, through more mature and sexy type of songs. I may need to catch my breath for this song.

The song was a really good song. The introduction was pretty cool, launching the song into who knows the level of popularity. The verses were pretty good and then the chorus came. Yep, that chorus is worth a million dollars. Definitely the greatest part and the highlight of the song. The rap was also superb and it actually fitted the pace of the song. It carried out the song quite well, and overall from start to finish, I enjoyed listening to this song. I don’t think there is much autotune in this song, but those autotune parts just before the chorus sound so good. The instrumental is kind of hard to explain, since it does not really seem to fit any type of instrument, but hey, it rocks my boat.

The music video is pretty okay. The places where they dance, with the big screen, looks spectacular. As for that guy. You lean in for a kiss but then pull away when your phone buzz. Are they trying to say that the guy is cheating on the girl? Right in front of her? PLAYER!!! Obviously, she is heartbroken, but to the point where the other members have to rub their bodies against a window for her is kind of a bit lame.  So in response, she dresses up as a sexy diva and grabs the attention of the guy. I am a guy, and I have one thing to say. If you dress up as a sexy diva, throw you ring into a lemonade cup, and EXPECT him to follow you, then surely he is not one to keep. That means he will only love you for your looks, not for your personality and all kind of crap could happen afterwards.

The live is pretty cool as well. I am not fans of them live, but the dance was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Look at all of that butt action, look at all of that bending over. Look at all of that “Draw me like a French Lady” poses. I really love the hand action (insert inappropriate jokes here) AROUND the breasts and the air humps they make. Seriously guys, look at these girls. However I have to complaints: a) Why overalls? Why overalls in short shorts? and b) what is with a large amount of make-up on their faces, they look good with minimal makeup on them.

8.5/10. Girl’s Day better win an award for this song (but that is impossible, with the comebacks that are scheduled).

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