In Front Of The Mirrior – GLAM


GLAM recently finished promoting I Like That which came out at the very start of the year. Now they are back with another unexpected song. In Front of the Mirror is a very slow song compared to their other releases  but still has their uniqueness within it.

This is not their best song. I just want to get it off my chest. I am not exactly fond of this song at all. It is slow and kind of loopy doo for me. I prefer a more powerful and dominate image of the group than this. They say this song is part hip hop, part trot. I don’t really see the trot part of this song. Nor do I really see the hip hop part as well, since this supposedly has trot in it. However, beside this internal conflict, I really like the vocals in this song. The rap, however, does not fit in with the song that much. But overall, I thought it was okay.

The music video is quite interesting. It talks, like the lyrics, about the trouble the girls go through to be pretty and socially acceptable. They have to wear high heels to boost up their height, have to where fake breast pads (sorry, I don’t know the technical term for it), wear fake wigs to look good, and wear completely tight clothing to make body stand out. But only to go home to feel insecure. Despite all of this talk, I felt the lighting of the music video not quite right. It feels warm and fuzzy. While the song does give off this feeling, the message of the song does not. But beside that, the music video is quite good. I am just going to wonder: the guy at the end. Is he their actual manager or just an actor?

The dance is pretty okay as well. Nothing as spectacular as I Like That or Party XXO. But I guess if will be sufficient for a comeback just right after their previous promotional, so they probably did not have much time to learn a much harder choreography.

As the whole review say, okay for all aspects. 6.5/10.

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