Man In Love – Infinite


Infinite has finally made their comeback with Man In Love which is a much different approach to their strong, powerful chorography image that they usually have. It has been nearly a year, since their last release of The Chaser and Sunggyu’s solo, 60 Seconds and Infinite H at the start of the year with Special Girl. Woah, that is a lot of songs, from just one band in a one year period. Oh wait, I forgot B.A.P. Sorry *derp face*

The song was not expected at all. I was expecting something along the lines of The Chaser, Paradise or Be Mine. Instead we got some kind of cute aegyo style song from the boys, somewhat similar to their debut song. They brought us back tot he original pop era, like the 2000’s and that is pretty cool, as they always do. It took me a few listens to get used to the song. I don’t like the start that much. If it was a live band, the intro would’ve been amazing. But the intro sounds really modern and computer-like feel to it. The verses were okay, but did not stand out too well. The chorus too seemed that well. The raps are pretty cool, and stands out the most in the song for me. Okay, I will just say this: the song, overall is okay. It is definitely not the best, but okay.

The music video is quite interesting? I don’t know if the right word was used. We see a bunch of guys in love with a girl and want to please or surprise the girl. Let’s go in order, the first guy (sorry, i don’t his name) is madly in love with hat cat, not a girl. Woohyun, is kind of in love with someone (that bear at the end?) and plays the piano horribly (Guess the music industry is not for you, mate). Myungsoo, seems to be madly with the idea of love or his cell phone  In a casual class  all he thinks about is love. Kind of freak hey? That guy who cooks can’t actually cook. Yeah, last time I checked, there are no apples whatsoever in a recipe for fortune cookies. Dongwoo, creates a library out of the hall way, don’t know how that symbolises love, but hey, I just hope no one lives above that library of his. Sunggyu, seems to be the most convincing.  Hoya, on the other is the most awkward one. He goes into a store, embarrasses himself by trying out clothing and ends up buying a necklace, which for some reason does not try on. But beside being comical, I liked this video.

The dance was okay. Nothing major, expect for that part where Hoya and Dongwoo has towards the end. It looked cool. The dance was not overly complicated and shall not be known as a difficult dance, like what the guys have done before.

7/10. Okay, I guess, but could’ve been loads better.

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