Come Back – AA


AA has made their long-awaited comeback. It has been like over a year since we all last saw them. From memory, I never got around to reviewing them, which totally sucks, because I really liked their previous song, Going Crazy. However after numerous months off, and a month full of teasers, the boys are back, with another song. On with the review:

The song, titled appropriately as “Come Back”, to me, is not that spectacular. Some people may think that this is a totally awesome song, but to me, it was kind of weak. What happened with their teasers? The teasers had really good songs, but instead we got this song. It is not exactly rubbish, but their were some parts that got me a little weird. Let’s start with the start. Oh the start, what was with the intro? That medieval style guitar-like sound. The song actually breaks down into a more popish song. Not keen on the transition here, and then we get into the chorus, which really sounds okay. However, the excessive use of the word “back” really threw me off. I liked the rap and that little English monologue. The high note was pretty good as well. But the random guitar moment within the song were deficiently not the best addition for the song. However, the vocals were pretty good, much better than Going Crazy.

That setting seems familiar, firstly. Oh wait, wasn’t that where SHINee used to perform Lucifer? Their fashion is okay (beside those red outfits), but was that red hair guy wearing lipstick? Like seriously? Personally, like the rainbow guy’s hair much more than the others. I am definitely not keen on that blur frame that had going out through the whole video. Is it me or that this music video seemed really under budget? They used a school gym for one of the scenes and had horrible lighting for most of the video. So yeah, not that pleasant for the music video.

The dance is pretty good, and to hear that the main dancer of the group had choreographed the whole song, was pretty amazing. Something I would’ve expected from Taeyang from Big Bang or Eunhyuk from Super Junior. The dance fitted the feel and the beat of the song.

5/10. Quite unsure about this comeback, despite the fact that I was looking forward to the “Come Back”. (I also apologise. I could not get an official live performance video. KBS has not uploaded anything yet :()

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