Ma Boy 3 – Electroboyz ft. Nana (After School)


Another version of Ma Boy is finally out. Electroboyz has finally made their comeback with a fresh new version of the sexy song that was once belonged to Sistar19, now I think differently. It seems like the guys bought the song. Well, hopefully they have enough ideas up until Ma Boy 25. Is that some kind of world record though? 25 versions of the song? What about Ma Boy 0? That looks cool!!! <– Me being weird.

Ma Boy 3 is much slower than Ma Boy and Ma Boy 2. This time around, they added a softer, squeakier voice to the  song, rather than the husky voice that Hyorin is known for. But I have to make this clear. Out of all the versions of Ma Boy that I have heard, this one is not exactly my favourite. I like this version, but the whole Sistar group version and the remix version of Ma Boy 2 sounds really good, exceeding this one so much. I really do like Nana’s voice in this song. which is completely different to what I have heard of her in the past. The guys sounds pretty cool as well, not much to complain there. I particularly like the ending of the song. I gives a new flavour to the song and adds that extra bit that we all want. Right? So overall is the song is pretty good.

The music video fits the speed of the song. Like come on. This is a really slow song, but it has a slow music video which enhances the song. Nana does not really make an appearance in the music video, instead an actress took her part, which I really don’t understand. The music video itself seems really low budget. The camera work is kind of rough in my point of view. It is basically scenes of the members singing and rapping. There is nothing more to the video. Beside that, there are the club scenes, but it seems that the music video could’ve had something else except of the club scene. You understand? Also, I am not particularly keen on the bridge of the music video. Like, that vase of flowers are such a distraction. LOL I kid. It just the white background really does not fit that dark club scene before and after the bridge.

The live sounds amazing. I am surprised that all 4 people managed to pull the lyrics off. I think Nana should be the only artist to sing her part. When Girl’s Day Sojin (I think that is her name) sang, it felt awkward and not really there. Nana’s stage presence makes the performance much better and the dance they did at the end is pretty cool.

Yeah, it could’ve been better. 5.5/10. But overall, it is okay.

Here is a little thing. What version of the song do you like? Ma Boy or Ma Boy 2 or Ma Boy 3? Videos are linked below. Put your preference down in the comments!!!

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