Love Blossom – K.Will

K.Will recently made his comeback with the 2nd part of his album late last week. This time around, it is more a bubbly song than that deep song we got from K.Will. To be honest, I am amazed with this half of the album, and overall, both parts were really good. For once, he “has his 15 seconds of fame” in this music video, all to be discussed below. Keep on reading.

The song is totally opposite of Please Don’t (Review Here!!). Both talking about love, but on two different perspectives. I am starting to think that I should move from Korea far away from this lonely island of Australia. I think I am more adapt to the different seasons which Korea has at the different times of the year, if you understand what I am saying. Anyway, this was an excellent song choice from this half of the album, fitting the season of Spring really well. I really like his voice this song and the instrumental itself is really good. However, I feel like he held back a bit too much for this song. It does not seem to have that K.Will feel to it, that other songs tend of have. But let’s see what other people think about the song.

The music video is hilarious. Well, not to that extreme, but to an extent. From what I gather, Myungsoo, is a slave to these bosses who are really up the social rank than him and treat him like total crap. Myungsoo plots to trap (possibly kill) the bosses as well, so once they are on the ride of DOOM aka. spinning top thingy. He shoots the controller (K.Will) who dressed up really well for the part. He then notices a girl (Dasom) while eating his ice cream and they bond over ice cream. Ummm.. Is it me, or this music video is really, really fluffy. Fluffier than that teddy bears of yours. I mean, like how unrealistic given the circumstances will you find love at a theme park  after killing someone and potential killing some more. Well, there are some things I wish to point out. That car is a really big one. Fits like 8 people. Secondly, the small girl who gives Dasom the ice cream seems dodgy. Have you not learnt not to pick up ice cream from strangers? Thirdly, but did K.Will’s glasses land in an awkward position? It would kind of been impossible to have it land that way. And Dasom is dating a murder. Yeah, I guess she never knew.

The live is pretty cool. No complaints. It is much more energetic than Please Don’t and the dance is pretty cool. I like the addition of the trumpets.

9.99/10. Why the 0.01 mark off? Well, Myungsoo killed K.Will. He killed K.Will. Shouldn’t we be getting some kind of police onto Myungsoo. It is not like he is on the run or anything. Nah, I kid. But 0.01 mark off for K.Will’s exceptionally short appearance in his music video. 😀

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