Party It Up – AAA


AAA has finally made their comeback and return with a totally new single which is not off their latest album. “Party It Up” is much different from its previous songs, as it contains a club beat. In my case, I missed a song that they promoted at the start of the year. Not sure if it was a special song for Christmas or something. I have to say that this is their best song yet. I have been “stalking” their albums and Wikipedia page getting up to date with this band who debuted in 2005. That was like 8 years ago.

I really like the song. It has a club beat, that I am not just into at this moment, but how this song uses the beat is really addictive. But beside, I have to talk points off for the instrumental. It is not up there as much as other aspects of the song, but still pretty good. I also must say that when the main vocalist sings “clap your hands now”, I actually hear “crap your hands now”. Anyone else???? The vocals are pretty good. Not the best but do sound pretty good. The rap was awesome as well. The rapper of the group always sounds good, regardless. But then again, to me, Japanese rappers all have the same sound. Actually come to think of it, rappers always sound different when they speak normally, when compared to rapping. But the song really does sound pretty good. I liked it, and basically to me, that is what matters.

The music video is quite on the same level of the song itself. It is pretty dark, but I love the use of flashing lights. It gives that dark club feel. At first that background was a whole bunch of mirrors, but after looking at the “Making of Music Video” video, I soon worked out that the “mirror” background was just a very thin frame. The ending of the video seems somewhat creepy. It was empty. You know? And at 3:12, who is the guy laughing at? It makes the whole scene look awkward and funny. There is one thing that I am not that happy about. That is that effect that they used mainly at the start and bit in the video. Yeah, headache written all over it.

The live is pretty cool. There is a cool dance that fits the beat of the song really well. The formations which they have are pretty cool as well and it overall is quite addictive. Sucks that Japanese artists only promote for a short amount of time on the music shows.

9/10. Really good, nearing perfection.

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