Bunny Style – T-Ara

Source: http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/20130302_seoulbeats_t-ara2.jpg

T-Ara is finally back with a brand new J-POP single/album. Going for something much different than before, Bunny Style (I think the song actually has a similar title, that is much more accurate. Since I am so lazy to write out the actually Japanese word. The thug life chose me). This style is much more different compared to their other releases. On with the review.

This song, as I said above, is much different to what they would normally release. Not sure if they were trying to breaking into that weird cutesy genre that Japan is known for. I happen to like this song and thought it was quite addictive. The chorus for me was the best part of the whole song. I was okay with the rap of the song. I have to agree with the rest of the world and that she sucks. Especially live. Totally, but haters are going to hate (I think I used that in the wrong context). But overall I liked the song. That mini slutty dance music instrumental after the rap DID NOT FIT the song AT ALL. I DO NOT want to listen to that mini part ever again. That was the first part. It seems like any girl group has to have that “instrumental” to show off their sexiness or else they are doomed!!! Get with the time and find something new.

The music video to me is a bit weird. The music video is quite cute and colorful  But the plot of the music video just got to me. It seems random and kind of like rushed. I like the smartness of the music video and song, as it ties in the bunny theme. But girls going after a bunny, who is a player, is not exactly that interesting. I just wonder why the bunny left you girls. Oh maybe it is because you guys are human and that he can breed and blend in with his own crowd, by dating a female bunny. You see? Anyway, beside that I was pretty okay with the music video. Nothing that much to complain about. (Get rid of dubstep dance please!!!).

I really like the whole idea of promoting the song for FREE in Japan before the actual release. That is pretty cool. As for the dance, I thought the chorus was really good and quite addictive. What? I dance in my sleep. However for that dubstep dance. No. Just no.

7.5/10. Pretty good.

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