With Laughter Or With Tears – Seo In Guk

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/data/enews/News/2013041/52871631.jpg

Seo In Guk recently made his comeback unexpectedly (Well, for me) earlier this month. Seo In Guk has a freaking good voice that many in the KPOP industry wish they had. I am quite surprised when I discovered him. I kind of became a fan at once actually. Okay enough of my crap. Lots to say. Lots to omit. Let’s go!

Wow. Boy, do I like this song? Yes. I absolutely loved this song as soon as I first heard it. Okay, I lied. I had to hear it a few times to like the song. But the first time anyone hears this song, you can feel the emotion which Seo In Guk gives out in this song. I personally loved the autotuned part between the first chorus and second verse. It gave a modern feel and at the same time kept the song full of emotion. The emotion did not bring me to cry, but it was really good. The song, however, would have sounded better with some kind of faster beat. Not too fast, but just right.

The music video was quite dark. It kind of sucked. It really felt plain and bland. There was not much difference in the happy and sad scenes of the music video. There was only extra colour in the happy scenes, and that made the whole picture a bit bland. The female lead was really beautiful in this and both acting skills were pretty good. Few things though. Don’t kill me, but that punch made him look funny. Secondly, how big is this particular bedroom. Along why is bed positioned in an awkward angle and at the same time, seemed to have dropped from the ceiling randomly? I also seemed that scene where he apparently “punched” everyone seemed to be quite random. I love it how the mirror is just placed there, solely for the purpose to make sure he looked good and perfect, so no one would be suspicious of him. I, however, loved the cocktail scene. But those ice cubes, what are in them? To break glass just like that? Crazy!

The performance is pretty good. He sounds good live. There is nothing else to say. Look over there!!!

8/10. Really good.

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