Somebody – 15&


15& has finally made a comeback with a brand new song. For those who don’t know, 15& is a duo under JYP Ent (Yes, no whisper this time around). One of the girls is a long time trainee, who has a very powerful voice, while the other came from a KPOP talent show that was featured on TV. Both very talented. They debuted with I Dream, which was deemed as a fail. It seems that they have redeemed themselves with this song, earning an all kill as soon as it came out. Talent there much?

This song has it popish feel to it, something that came out around the 70’s and 80’s. Yes, it sounds like those cheesy songs, but I love this song. It has really a really addictive beat to the song which many songs currently are missing out on. The lyrics and English is exceptional in this song. I was pleased with every aspect of this song. I think this is one of the best songs that JYP has ever made. Beside that, I am afraid, that this “song” part of the review will be quite boring. So lets go on!!

The music video is quite creative. However, it sucks big time. I like the whole idea of the parodying of the KPOP Star, but it lacked in depth. I did like how the girls managed to portray the judges, but the contestants (especially JYP) were horrible. I guess I did not like Dream High due to his acting anyway. This, by far, is the worst music video by JYP. The ending just sucked. The whole video did not suck me into it, as others did (for example, SHINee’s newest music video). I love the set for the dancing parts though. At least JYP did redeem himself in a way. Oh by the way. The box heads were a total distraction. Those jackets as well.

The dance was okay. That last pose, for the guys, seemed “homosexual”. Not that I have a problem with it, but it looked funny. Don’t kill me. I cannot explain that pose without the word. (I support everyone. Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transexual, you guys are all still human and belong in this world. No one should put you down. You are you!). I liked the dance overall. It was quite simple and all you need is the top half of your body.

6/10. Good song and dance. Horrible music video.

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