Jeon Won Diary – T-Ara N4


T-Ara N4 has made their long awaited unit debut with a really cool hip hop mashed up with folk music track. Seriously, if you really do think that this is a bad combination. Think again. I am not a fan of both hip hop and country/folk. But seriously, this song uses both really well, and both match quite well. Okay, more about this subunit. It consists of 4 members: Hyomin, Ahreum, Eunjung & Jiyeon. Or the “popular” members of the group. The other three: Qri, Boram and Soyeon will be a subunit in Japan. Smart, but really a bad initiative, at this time. After their scandal, should they not be promoting as one group. A song is not enough you know?

The song is quite interesting. The instrumental is amazing, with the traditional instrument in the chorus was pretty cool. I am totally taken surprised when the same SPEED member “featured” in this song. Seriously, he gets all the popularity and the others get the other end of the stick. And did he creep out of nowhere? There was no mention in previous articles about him being their debut. The rap itself is pretty cool. I love the part before the chorus. It is my favourite part of the song. The chorus was meh, but it passed my standards. Ring-a-ring-a-ting? Anyone? No?

The music video is quite weird. I only just watched the “drama” version of the videos and it seems to be a child of the Gangnam Style music video. Weird and wacky. Hyomin, I think was pretty funny. I love the fact that they actually put reality into the video and I am amazed about the crappy feel this video has. Sorry not for me.

As for the dance version, it was much better. No weird bunnies jumping around. I am pretty cool with this video. It matches the hip hop feel of the song. The colour is pretty good. Something, that KPOP videos seems to be missing a lot lately. There is not much colour at all. Hmmm… By far, I prefer the dance version over the drama version. I don’t have much to complain about anyway.

The dance is pretty cool. I love the different formations. I love how basic the dance feels. I love the part where they are mocking (in a good way) country people and that dance where Eunjung was singing. I love the chorus bit. Basically, I love EVERYTHING in the dance.

9/10. Seriously guys! I think this is the first time I gave T-Ara a pretty good score. Maybe excluding Cry Cry (Which you can see here!) for the dance version review and (Here) for the drama version. Also, Did anyone else feel that the teasers were a bit weird? The upgraded version had an extra second. OMG. An extra second!! So rare.

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