Happy New Year!!!


Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow, 2013 is finally over. Can you believe it. With days to go, I will be unable to update this over my “break”. Beside that I have scheduled a whole heap of reviews. I promised you guys an End Of Year Charts, and with that very day 3-4 days away, I think it is time unleash the beast. Party hard! Welcome the new year in style! I will wish to see you all back on the 2nd of Jan 2013 (subject to change). At the very bottom of this post, there will be two links. One is a playlist for the winners of the BOB’s and the other is the top 20 songs of the year, as selected by this chart. Yay!!!!

Position Title Artist
1 Female President Girl’s Day
2 G.R.8.U (Your Impressive) VIXX
3 Tonight Spica
4 Hush Miss A
5 Damaged Lady Kara
6 24 Hours Sunmi
7 Voodoo Doll VIXX
8 Give It To Me Sistar
9 Expectation Girl’s Day
10 Only One Gummy
11 Be Ambitious Dal Shabet
12 Red Shoes IU
13 Number 9 T-Ara
14 Very Good Block B
15 Everybody SHINee
16 Kill Bill Brown Eyed Girls
17 Destiny Infinite
18 I Don’t Know FIESTAR
19 Only You VIXX
20 U&I Ailee
21 Madly FT Island
22 Love Blossom K.Will
23 Love Options BESTie
24 What’s Going On? B1A4
25 Growl EXO
26 Gone Not Around Any Longer Sistar19
27 Yoo Hoo Secret
28 While You Were Asleep JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)
29 1.4.3 Henry (Super Junior M) Feat. Amber F(x)
30 Dream Girl SHINee
31 Wild Nine Muses
32 Thriller BTOB
33 Goodbye Dasoni (EXID)
34 Insane A-Jax
35 One Shot B.A.P
36 Lonely Christmas Crayon Pop
37 Confused AOA
38 Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop
39 Glue Nine Muses
40 Twenty Four / Seven 2Yoon
41 Jeon Won Diary T-Ara N4
42 I Like That GLAM
43 Tell Me Tell Me Rainbow
44 Stupid In Love Mad Clown ft. Soyu (Sistar)
45 Rocking Teen Top
46 No No No A-Pink
47 Why So Serious? SHINee
48 Baby I’m Sorry MYNAME
49 Dreamer History
50 The Letter Davichi




What Should I Do? – T-Ara

Source: http://www.c-k-jpopnews.fr/wp-content/uploads/BaiRNb5CcAAHZsF-1.jpg

T-Ara is back with a brand new song, as their repackaged mini album. After finishing up promotions for Number 9, the band promised a comeback later in the year with a brand new song. And indeed they just made thier comeback last week with What Should I Do?, a musical type of song, which CCM promised would be a hit, like how Roly Poly was. I am thankful that the band is now back on their feet and going at it again after last year. I should stop reminding myself about last year. It was such a horrible year for them, one that no KPOP band should ever experience.

The song was promised to be a mage hit like Roly Poly. However, was I the only thought that this song is boring? Well, the song compared to Roly Poly is boring. On its won, it is pretty good, but it seems like CCM is promising more than what they can deliver. Yes, the song kind of has it roots in the 70’s era, but it does not sound similar or can top Roly Poly in anyway. I have to say, the ballad version of this song is pretty good, while the actual song is equally pretty cool. I really love the “Hey baby yo~” part at the start of the song. Really catchy. Also, Boram has more lines???? Wow, that is a change. I love the techno beat of the song, giving it a more modern feel to it. The “Na eotteokhae”  part is really addictive. I have to say, the song was pulled off pretty well. As for the comparison though, not so much.

Oh boy, the acting in this video is ridiculously cheesy. Hence why I can never stand watching a musical, because it sounds so cheesy. Their good actresses, but I think they deserved some kind of plot. Their acting in Number 9 was not exceptional, but much better than this. Let’s turn to the clean up scene: there are 6 girls in this scene. 6 distinct personalities. They include: the boss, the really annoyed one, the “obsessed with herself”, the “fudge cake doing this”, the alcoholic and the “I want to be a superstar”. Yeah, was I the only one who loved this scene, more than the whole music video? Yes? Okay :(. But anyway, the acting was not the best, but I love the musical aspects they pulled into the music video and as well as the live performances. Pretty cool.

I love the dance. Seriously, imitated the dance pretty well. I like the musical aspects, where when there are 5 girls on stage, one would walk on later and do her thing, and another would go missing for a short while, like in a musical, when the actors or actresses are not needed for their scene. The dance is addictive and quite easy, like Roly Poly. And I love Eunjung’s and Hyomin’s part towards the end, that part was pretty cool. Though, I cannot pull it off. Hmmm…. Better not destroy your minds with my amazing dancing skills.

8/10. This is pretty cool. Loved it. Maybe the advertising of it could’ve have been better, because like anybody, I don’t like receiving something that is different from what it was advertised as. Where is the return policy?? No, but I liked the comeback.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS POST ON MY PAGE. THANKS AGAIN!!! T-Ara has been nominated for Best Female Artist, Best Song, Best Subunit (T-Ara N4) and Best Japanese Song.

Can You Love Me? – 5Dolls ft. Dani (T-Ara N4)

5Dolls (the six-member group) recently made their comeback onto the stage after promotions of Soulmate #1, with their repackaged mini album, First Love. This song also marks the debut of Dani, the long awaited trainee that was meant to be a part of T-Ara, but a lot of stuff happened and the company don’t really know where to put her. Little more on that a little longer. But I think the company is starting to confuse the number 5 with 7. Okay, they got a little confuse with the name 5Dolls when there were 6 members, but now 7 people on stage? I think someone needs to go back to counting class.

The song is boring. It does not really appeal to me and I find this the worst song that I can possibly ever listen to. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating it a bit, but seriously, there was not one bit in this song that I would call “amazing”. Most of it was average and honestly, it does not appeal to many people around there. Maybe they were taking a step away from their previous disco phase, but this song is not the right way to go. Ballads are not really 5Doll’s piece of cake, let alone Coed School. And that song that they released after this one, that too was really awful. Another thing: this song is not promoting 5Dolls. No, it is promoting Dani and only Dani. Nothing is focused on the band, but Dani. For the love of KPOP, she is just “featuring” in the song but it seems like CCM are making this her breakthrough song. Oh, by the way, her rap was awful.

The music video is not any worse. But it was equally as boring. There is actually nothing to say about the video, so I am going to skip over that part. As for the live performance, the dance was rather weak but fitted the song. As for CCM promoting Dani than 5Dolls, yeah, evident with the eye-catching uniform that Dani wears. It is like Dani formed her own group and 5Dolls are the backup dancers. Come on. She could’ve at least walked onto the stage when it was her turn and then left.

1/10. Soz. Not good at all. I actually prefer Soulmate #1 then this song.

Jeon Won Diary – T-Ara N4

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/20130418_taran4_countrysidelife2.jpg

T-Ara N4 has made their long awaited unit debut with a really cool hip hop mashed up with folk music track. Seriously, if you really do think that this is a bad combination. Think again. I am not a fan of both hip hop and country/folk. But seriously, this song uses both really well, and both match quite well. Okay, more about this subunit. It consists of 4 members: Hyomin, Ahreum, Eunjung & Jiyeon. Or the “popular” members of the group. The other three: Qri, Boram and Soyeon will be a subunit in Japan. Smart, but really a bad initiative, at this time. After their scandal, should they not be promoting as one group. A song is not enough you know?

The song is quite interesting. The instrumental is amazing, with the traditional instrument in the chorus was pretty cool. I am totally taken surprised when the same SPEED member “featured” in this song. Seriously, he gets all the popularity and the others get the other end of the stick. And did he creep out of nowhere? There was no mention in previous articles about him being their debut. The rap itself is pretty cool. I love the part before the chorus. It is my favourite part of the song. The chorus was meh, but it passed my standards. Ring-a-ring-a-ting? Anyone? No?

The music video is quite weird. I only just watched the “drama” version of the videos and it seems to be a child of the Gangnam Style music video. Weird and wacky. Hyomin, I think was pretty funny. I love the fact that they actually put reality into the video and I am amazed about the crappy feel this video has. Sorry not for me.

As for the dance version, it was much better. No weird bunnies jumping around. I am pretty cool with this video. It matches the hip hop feel of the song. The colour is pretty good. Something, that KPOP videos seems to be missing a lot lately. There is not much colour at all. Hmmm… By far, I prefer the dance version over the drama version. I don’t have much to complain about anyway.

The dance is pretty cool. I love the different formations. I love how basic the dance feels. I love the part where they are mocking (in a good way) country people and that dance where Eunjung was singing. I love the chorus bit. Basically, I love EVERYTHING in the dance.

9/10. Seriously guys! I think this is the first time I gave T-Ara a pretty good score. Maybe excluding Cry Cry (Which you can see here!) for the dance version review and (Here) for the drama version. Also, Did anyone else feel that the teasers were a bit weird? The upgraded version had an extra second. OMG. An extra second!! So rare.