Mama Beat – LC9 ft. Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


Mama Beat has finally made their debut with an epic song. Seriously guys. It is so epic that I have to talk about it and it has only been a few days since it has been released. This song is quite addictive and at the same time. The music video is quite addictive. They also do live up to their name of “Brown Eyed Boys”. Like their female counterpart, they are not afraid to be “different”.

Was I blown away with this song or what? Seriously, these guys live up to the standard which brown Eyed Girls have created for them. Their rapping is something quite different than what we see with other bands. Their vocal is amazing, but quite disappointed that it was not showcased in this song, unlike their teasers. “Mama Beat” is really catchy and just those words in the song is already something quite interesting. I really do like the punkish feel that they gone for, but as for the instrumental  it was a little bit too electro for me.  Not sure about that weird noise at the start of the song, but I think it lead into the song okay. I enjoyed the chorus, which was quite catchy as well. Not really keen on Gain’s part in the song. It seemed to slow down the song (yes, once again) a huge load. But overall, I really like the song.

The music video is quite interesting as well. However, my question is: How are they not dead by the end of the video? From what I see, getting punched in the head with a metal knuckle thing, a brick thrown at your head, punches that look fatal (I take that experience from watching Kung Fu movies), getting stepped on the balls, a crowbar hit across the head, a broken neck and what I really like the most, the axe severing major arteries and veins in the video. I am actually surprised that they were still fighting and laughing at the end. Fools, what is wrong with you? No one battles for fun but ends up going to the hospital for laughs. And where are the police in this neighbourhood? (Note: I did some research. The youngest one is actually made age. Scary. And then again Zelo is a month older than me). Also while we are on the topic of B.A.P, this music video makes them look “tame”. I took that from a YouTube watcher. You have to agree though. Also, who cares if they used B.A.P’s set. It is not like other KPOP stars have used the same props before!

The dance is quite something as well. Too hard for me to follow though. However, the first time I heard them, I had to admit they were horrible. But after listening to them on Music Core, they sound pretty good. Probably a mic problem or something.

7.5/10. Overall pretty good. In the playlist below, I have also linked their English version of the pretty good song. Forgot what it was called though. But their vocals are pretty amazing. Their English may not be the best though. Also, watch the music video at your own expense. It was rated with a 19+ rating in South Korea, and it may go the same way overseas as well.

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