Walk By… – Teen Top


Teen Top returned with a new song as their repackaged album, late last month. They only promoted this song for a week, before setting off for a tour if I am not mistaken. While Miss Right showed a much more fun side of Teen Top, this song brings out more fun and more games. Much different from their past songs, but quite addictive.

Yes, this song is quite different. Their past songs are quite serious like Clap, No Perfume On You(?), Crazy, Supa Love, To You. Miss Right is a song that I would still deem as a serious song, but this song was quite unexpected. It’s addictive, has a great instrumental and the vocals are pretty good. It is not the best song out there at the moment, but it will become one of my favourite Teen Top songs ever. It’s fun, joyous and a change of image that reflects Miss Right, but also changes their image a bit.

The music video is just a mash up of them practicing for their showcase or concert, along with scenes from their pre released song, which I have forgotten the title to. Damn, these exams are going to do my head in. So there really is not much to talk about in the music video. Beside that there was a lot of walking.

The dance, for me, seems quite lame. I am not technically impressed with it, but hey it is only just a follow up promotion song, so they had a limited time frame to create a new choreography.


I am also going to be using this review to announce that I will be taking around 3 weeks off, starting on the 16th of May. Reviews will be coming out still, however, they won’t be as frequent and have been written all before hand. I should get a start on them today though. I will be back around the 14th of June-ish.

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