Wild – Nine Muses

Source: http://cdn.popdust.com//wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Nine-Muses-Wild-Feature.jpg

Nine Muses recently made their comeback last week, with Wild. Much different than their previous hits like Dolls, News and Ticket. Wild, goes for the more “wild” side of the group. This comeback showcases a much more “wild” image of the girls and give them a new look. Now after seeing the music video, I don’t think I will be able to look at these girls in the same light then I have ever seen them in.

I love the piano parts in this song. It matches the electro feel of the instrumental, and the ending is totally amazing. The vocals in this song are pretty good, not too bad or average. The rap was amazing. To me, the whole song went nicely and it flowed. No random instrumental and vocals slowing the song down. The English in this song were quite fine. “It feels like you’re getting wet, it feels like you’re slowly spreading” was one of the translated lyrics in the song. Yeah, I don’t want to go into that much depth, but wow. I’d tap that.

The music video consists of a really dark place, lips, a lot of fondling, some dance scenes and a lot more fondling between girls. Stop it guys. Don’t scroll down to watch the music video now so you can check them out and fap to it. Keep reading this review first. The only complaint with this music video is the white skin. It looks artificial and to me, does not look appealing. The light or effect used on this confused me, along with the smoke, but the skin color of the girls kind of ruined it for me. I don’t mean this in the racist way, but the lighting or effect distracted me a lot I this music video. Again, I don’t mean this in a racist way.

The dance is pretty cool. Did you see the ending. Amazing with the piano keys. The start was really cool as well, and it seems that the girls always have great formations when it comes to their choreography.


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