Miss Korea – Lee Hyori


Lee Hyori has finally made her comeback after 2-3 freaking long years. The Queen is back and is ready to shine with a new song that is totally rocking. She won’t be making her official comeback until the end of the month, but she had recently released her single: Miss Korea. Not the best song, but damn it is catchy. Meaningful, which is different, something KPOP is lacking a lot in lately (Sunny Hill, where you at?) My question is though: Who is excited for the Queen?

Miss Korea has that really old feel to it. Country-70 ish feel. Actually, more of a rock feel to it. The song is damn catchy. It is amazing and really sets us up for comeback. I think this is a splendid way to start making friends anticipating. The instrumental is pretty cool as well. The lyrics are very very meaningful. Seriously guys. The song talks about that is “stereotypical” of a girl in today’s society. Designer handbags, plastic surgery, beautiful faces. I think the song is trying to say: regardless of your face, your skin colour, your education, your fashion and your upbring; every girl is a “Miss Korea”. “Are you tired of being among the many names?“, “Will a designer bag make me shine?“, “Does it feel like it’s your fault when something goes bad?” are just some of the lines in this song that hit the audience hard (in the face) with its message. I really love how the song ends: “You’re Miss Korea”. Excellent song!!!

I love the black and white feel of the song. It matches the song quite well and gives a further, more in-depth “old fashion” feel to the song. I also think the clothes and dresses that she wears in the music video, as well, gives off that feel as well, adding more to the music video than what meets the eye. I love how the music video takes the literal meaning of the song, and exaggerates it. Designer bags? So Lee Hyori sticks all of these famous brands on a horrible looking bad, and then shows off. Best face? Huge eyebrows, just for laughs.

There is no dance to this song. From what I saw in the music video was not what I would classify as a dance, so yeah.

9/10. Really good. Remember girls, you are all “Miss Korea”. Now, I should be getting back to my chemistry homework, that or sleep. I need sleep. I want to sleep. But I need to do my homework, yet here I am typing this up. YAY!!!!!

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