Is It Poppin’? – 4Minute

4Minute recently returned to the stage with a brand new single. It has been a very long time since we last saw the girls (sarcasm) in May and now they are back at what they do best. They had their comeback in May with What’s My Name? At least not they have recovered from their memory loss and now have gone for something that I think is a bit outdated. No one ask “Is It Poppin’?” anymore. Was it even a phrase back in the day? I don’t even know. Maybe a phrase like B1a4’s What’s Happening? This song was released June 28th, a month since promotions for What’s My Name ceased.

Oh boy, this song has very little to talk about. I don’t like this song. It is not 4Minute-ish. 4Minute is not into that bubblegum pop stuff that I find really hard to listen to. Even they aegyo phase of Heart To Heart was much better than this. I have to admit this is the worst song by the band by far. Not only was a disappointed, I was totally weirded out by the tune of the song. The song does have its good part, being catchy and all of that common stuff, like Justin Bieber’s Baby, but for the wrong reasons, like Justin Bieber’s Baby. Yeah, I think that is the first time I used Baby twice in a sentence. Only a few more and I can beat the world record. Hahaha. The song talks about how a girl is suspicious of her boyfriend. I have to say the song is original, but it just does not yell out “Major Hit” to me. Again, I was totally disappointed.

I really like the water theme of the song. It matches the song’s previous title of “How’s the Water?” I think. And beside that, the music video was totally low budget. Talk about a month for preparation. I totally thought that the whole thing was quite rushed and yet again disappointed. Basically there are three different scene. Dance scene, which is the most empitest part. Party scene, where everyone was partying hard, in slo-mo. And the pond scene, where the girls stand in the pond and sing. Well, that escalated quickly. And here is where I am going to defend the girls. No, they do not look like sluts. Go home, your drunk. These girls are not sluts in this video, just because they dance. Also, how the fire starts and the water comes down. Shouldn’t that be your cue to actually like evacuate the building? Cause something tells me that you dancing won’t put out the fire. Wait a minute, there was a recent fire at a party in Australia. Yeah, there is no fire at a party here. I lied. Sorry. Here is me going weird now.

The dance… seen better. Again, the whole thing was rushed. It has that cute thing to it, but I am not exactly impressed. What’s My Name had a much better dance. However, I do like the casual feel of the dance. It’s feel is much better than other more complex dances.

2/10. It could’ve been loads better. I was really disappointed. A bit more time could not have hurt. Or the company should’ve just waited for beast to comeback and than 4Minute. Give the girls a break. Hyuna just recently got out of hospital. Let them rest.

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