Breaking News – SHINee


SHINee has returned to Japan, after promoting their latest Korean album of Dream Girl and Why So Serious?. Their last Japanese single, from memory was fire, was released in February or March, if my memory served me right. This is their latest Japanese single, released on the June 26th and since has been ranking high in Japan. Breaking News is a song on their second album. Along with Breaking News, their past Japanese singles, including Sherlock, 1000 years…, Fire & Dazzling Girl, along with other new songs were released.

Wow, this is a rocking song from the band. I totally love this rock feeling from the boys. I was so impressed with Why So Serious and this song is quite similar in terms of genre, but has a totally different feel to it. The boys never seem to disappoint, and this song is exactly perfect. the vocals, the rap, the instrumental, the high notes. Wow. The vocals of this song very strong from Onew to Jonghyun to Taemin. Minho and Key has show very powerful and dominated raps, which sound superb. I think, and I am not sure, that the guys are talking about their new love as “breaking news”. If I was to continue from that point and discuss the meaning of the song, it sounds a lot like the forever alone guy just got a girlfriend. Yeah. I really like the slow parts before the chorus, and then that impact they punch through the music in the chorus. Its catchiest, and I think this is one of my most favourite JPOP songs by the band to date.

The music video does not live up to its standards that the song has created. But I love the feel of the video. It matches the song quite easily. I don’t know if it the quality of the video that I am watching but seriously, this video has that dull colour to it. Any video I have watched has the same dullness which I really don’t like. I also thought, maybe some flashing lights would be good, but there is nothing to give the video the extra punch which is really needed in the video. The song has it, but the video does not have it. I am not that troubled by what they are wearing, but it does not feel right. I really like the scene of their solo, where all the cameras are looking at them. I like what they did there, as they are using the title to the best of their abilities.

This dance, on the other hand, lives up to its standard. The dance is amazing and that is all what I am going to say. I don’t think I am in the right state of mind to comment on the dance. Awed by the group.

9.5/10. Despite the video, I think it is fair to give the group this score. Really great!

4 thoughts on “Breaking News – SHINee

  1. lol, I think you were really kind despite the music video being a disappoint. I dunno, it seems like a variation of loud loud loud that we increasingly get on the Korean side of releases.



      1. hmm I am not sure what you are agreeing with here (because I don’t agree with what you replied with); apologies for not being clear. I was saying that the song was pretty bad, as it as a refrain of the Korean releases of “how loud can we make it?” >_> therefore, I was intimating that even though the MV was disappointing, you still actually thought the song was okay and was really kind towards it.



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