Black Tinkerbell – Chocolat


This is my first review of the band and hopefully it won’t be the last. Chocolat recently made their comeback on the 11th of June with their newest single, Black Tinkerbell. Despite hitting a road blocking with promoting this song, with very limited YouTube views, which I only just found out with this song. The things you learn about everyday. Also, they are a just a rookie group. I am surprised with this quality of the song from such a young group that, with this song, is really underrated.

Wow, this is one rocking song. As I said above, I was totally surprised with this quality of the song. The whole idea of the “Black Tinkerbell” is my type of thing. It is meant to be a magical creature, Tinkebell, but a “black” one (Please hold the racist comments) gives off that dark magic type of feel. However, there is no reference to the dark version of Tinkerbell. We do, in the lyrics see the girls comparing their love to the small Tinkerbell, asking their cheating boyfriend if the his love for the other girl is bigger than Tinkerbell. They make references to the size of Tinkerbell and their love in the guys perspective. The instrumental in this song is really cool. I love the electrotronic feel of the song and that dubstep part before the second chorus was amazing. It fitted the song really well. Their vocals and rap were pretty cool as well. The “I Can’t Leave, Can’t Leave” part is very catchy. The dubstep feel of the song overall was pretty cool, which I totally like.

I am not sure of the Tinkerbell or Peter Pan fairy tale, but when I saw this video I got some along the lines of cheating Prince Charming dumping Cinderella for another girl. The music video, I agree, makes the whole image of the girls look really “slutty”. I don’t like using the word, but it is the only word that fits into the description. Rubbing yourself over the couch, is not technically the greatest thing to do. Also, dance in the water stage and rubbing your body really is not that great at portraying your image as well. However, the other scenes of the music video were pretty cool as well. Where the girl pulls extra hard when making sure the dress is tight for the wearer, to tell who is boss. I also like how dark the video is, it fits the feel of the song and the title of the song as well.

The dance, is slutty. Yes, I admit that. However it has the good parts as well. It has great formations and the hand motion up the air is pretty cool. Rubbing down there is not actually. After that, I think I apologize if I have interpreted the dance and music video that way. It is my thoughts on the video and dance and you may think that way or maybe not.

6.5/10. Still a pretty good song, but yeah the music video and dance. Not the best of both worlds.

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