Coffee Shop – B.A.P


B.A.P will be returning with a brand new album, I think it is with 3 title songs. However, instead of leaving their fans drooling over the band members, the group has done what they do best, make fan girls drool over the band members. The first of the three title songs from their next release was released on the 28th of June. Their next album or something like that will be released sometime this month. For some reason, this month gives me the feels of a lot of B.A.P reviews, and I am going to start it up with this very song, Coffee Shop.

Wow. This is a much softer side of the boys that we don’t see at all. This jazz feel slash hip hop slash originality is awesome. I think all of my KPOP friends are all digging this song at the moment,and I hope every other song o their album has the same feels that this one have. We are all used to their hardcore, rock pop side. They have also tried aegyo and ballads, which were not as great, but this song is amazing. I usually like the instrumental feel of the song. It is much different. While many KPOP songs are energetic, serious and jam packed. This song however steps back and has that really pleasant feel to it. This is something that I would see solo artist like John Park or Roy Kim do, but not B.A.P, hence why I am suprised. I am totally digging the vocals as well and the raps fit in very well. Its relax and calming, not like One Shot or any of their past releases. I will totally recommend this song to anyone. Like seriously anyone. To me, this is the song to put on, on a rainy day. It matches the feeling of a rainy day quite well.

The video was filmed in Las Vegas and few other places in USA. The only thing I can say about this video is: it is flawless. There is nothing to complain. The whole video has that sepia tone to it which fits the song amazingly. the camera angles are extraordinary and a lot of thought has been out into the editing of the video.

10/10. I don’t think I have given a 10/10 in a very long time. Also, I think this is the shortest review for quite some time. Yay for short reviews!!!

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