Hot & Cold – Jewelry


Jewelry recently joined the July comeback rush with a brand new refreshing song, Hot & Cold. They released their newest single in July. Seriously, the longest running girl group in KPOP is like the most underrated band ever. I was totally surprised that the group have not earned an award since their One More Time days and it seems like the group is losing fame quickly. Look At Me was their last single, released in October 2012 and was really good, but it failed to win any awards. Seriously underrated.

The song has that classy feel to it. It sounds really posh and rich. However, I find the song really boring. It does not really appeal to me in anyway. The only part I like in this song is the ‘Hot & Cold” part. beside that, everything else is boring. Baby J’s rap does not fit the song as well, but as the only thing I think she can do is rap, they have to include a rap part for her. The vocals are very powerful but are not the best for this song. The chorus itself is not that catchy as other songs and really this is a let down. The bridge actually fits the song, but I still think it is a bit too slow for me. The song was quite upbeat, but sadly the bridge slowed it down.

The music video is too quite boring. It did not do what it was meant to do. In the video, we see the four girls in jail because of their stalking business. It was revealed that the girls were stalking the police officer in the video, which landed them into jail. However, as smart girls, they start flirting with the officer, as they are closer to him now. The plot of the video was fine, but everything in the music video seems fake and unrealistic. The video was really lame and the whole song did not fit the feel of the video. Or the video did not fit the feel of the song. Overall, I was really disappointed. I doubt that there will be stage lights in the jail cells, or no physical wall on the other side of the cell. Yes I was disappointed. And especially how calm the officer was with four girls flirting with him at his desk. The officer did not even do anything. Sadly, I don’t think he is that qualified.

The dance is pretty cool, in my point of view. Especially the hip motion and all of that stuff. I also like the hand movements of the “Hot & Cold” parts. Really cool.

3/10. Quite disappointed. Though I am still giving points for classiness and stuff, I was really disappointed.

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