Rewind: January 2015

Through this new segment (Finally got to use that one word), we will be looking back at the month that opened the year of 2015. I get to rank my top 10 songs. But we also get to look back at other events that happened in the Korean music industry. This way, I can talk about big events in the KPOP industry and rely my thoughts to you all.


Jewelry Members Get Together One Last Time for Final Photo Shoot

Sadly, January saw many bands (more than usual, that is) announce their disbandment from the industry. This technically means that they are no longer a group (for whatever reason) and would no longer promote together. The list is extreme and includes: Jewelry, Wonder Boyz, GLAM and Airplane. Wonder Boyz and Airplane are probably considered as “rookies” still. Though they have popular songs, both bands announced their disbandment in January. GLAM, a 4 member girl group under Big Hit Entertainment, who clearly had so much potential, was revealed through their agency to have disbanded. Member Dahee has been sentenced to jail recently for her involvement in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail case. Some speculate that this was the reason why the band broke up. Finally, the longest running KPOP girl group has called it quits after 14 years on stage. The girls, including past members had a photo shoot as their last schedule as a band.  Jewelry was well known for their hit, One More Time.



EXO-L’s in the wrong spotlight

EXO-L (EXO‘s fanclub) was accused of swearing at Girl’s Day Sojin at the Gaon Chart Awards for dating rumours with EXO member D.O. On top of that, EXO L was further accused for using other concerts and events as ways to check their ticket buying accounts were still working. Naturally, Korean neitzens “had a go” at the fanclub for their mean and rude gestures in both instances. EXO-L’s hit back by claiming not all of them were involved. Though I agree with the EXO L’s who are saying that not all of them did it, those fans who were involved are doing a pretty good job at ruining the fanclub’s and the band’s image.

Suing war continues…

For once, I have to agree with SM. Kris and Luhan who both asked for their contracts to be nullified last year, have been used by SM for illegally working in China with lawsuits in Korea. I personally don’t have a problem with them working. But I do have a problem with how quick they launched the lawsuit and how quick they started working in China. If your claiming to be overworked, I understand why you would ask for your contract to be nullified. Just why would you go to another country almost straight away and work there?



EXID’s jump in fame



EXID has been enjoying their newly found fame after a fancam of Hani dancing to the song went viral. This launched the girls to the top of the charts and becoming on the most successful bands for the year so far. Up and Down have still seen no end, as it still remains steady on the charts. Though, it is funny how they reached their new fame, I just want to congratulate the girls on their wins. Up and Down was amazing, and I hope EXID’s next song is equally as popular.




Award Ceremonies Everywhere…

January is the month for award ceremonies. The first was the Golden Disk Awards, in Beijing, which was planned so horribly that members of GOT7, BTS and the whole of Beast could not perform on stage due to the “wrong visa being given out”. Seoul Music Awards and Gaon Music Awards followed after in Korea. When we combine the three awards ceremonies, they gave out theawards to the right people. Mamamoo got their rookie of the award year at the Gaon Music Awards, while other bands such as Girl’s Day, APINK, Beast, AOA, VIXX and etc. got the awards they deserved at the other award ceremonies.


Top 10 songs of the month

1. Up and Down – EXID (released in August 2014)

2. You – G.Soul

3. Break Ya – LU:KUS

4. Fire – Mad Clown ft. Jamsil (Mad Soul Child)

5. Drama – Nine Muses

6. Apologize – Eddy Kim

7. Why – 4Ten

8. Coming Soon – N.Ca

9. Pretty – Infinite H

10. Child In Time – Sunny Hill

Hot & Cold – Jewelry


Jewelry recently joined the July comeback rush with a brand new refreshing song, Hot & Cold. They released their newest single in July. Seriously, the longest running girl group in KPOP is like the most underrated band ever. I was totally surprised that the group have not earned an award since their One More Time days and it seems like the group is losing fame quickly. Look At Me was their last single, released in October 2012 and was really good, but it failed to win any awards. Seriously underrated.

The song has that classy feel to it. It sounds really posh and rich. However, I find the song really boring. It does not really appeal to me in anyway. The only part I like in this song is the ‘Hot & Cold” part. beside that, everything else is boring. Baby J’s rap does not fit the song as well, but as the only thing I think she can do is rap, they have to include a rap part for her. The vocals are very powerful but are not the best for this song. The chorus itself is not that catchy as other songs and really this is a let down. The bridge actually fits the song, but I still think it is a bit too slow for me. The song was quite upbeat, but sadly the bridge slowed it down.

The music video is too quite boring. It did not do what it was meant to do. In the video, we see the four girls in jail because of their stalking business. It was revealed that the girls were stalking the police officer in the video, which landed them into jail. However, as smart girls, they start flirting with the officer, as they are closer to him now. The plot of the video was fine, but everything in the music video seems fake and unrealistic. The video was really lame and the whole song did not fit the feel of the video. Or the video did not fit the feel of the song. Overall, I was really disappointed. I doubt that there will be stage lights in the jail cells, or no physical wall on the other side of the cell. Yes I was disappointed. And especially how calm the officer was with four girls flirting with him at his desk. The officer did not even do anything. Sadly, I don’t think he is that qualified.

The dance is pretty cool, in my point of view. Especially the hip motion and all of that stuff. I also like the hand movements of the “Hot & Cold” parts. Really cool.

3/10. Quite disappointed. Though I am still giving points for classiness and stuff, I was really disappointed.

Look At Me – Jewelry


The girls are back after what has been like forever. Last time we saw them, I think it was when Back It Up was released, then they formed a new version of their subunit and now they are back. Really guys, this is an awesome song, something that fits quite differently to mainstream KPOP. This song has a total different feel to it than what we got with Psy’s Gangnam Style or Hyuna’s IceCream. “Now Look At Me!”

This song is really something quite different. Though being the group who debut the earliest (2001, I think) and have been together for more than 11 years, these girls are so underrated. One More Time, from memory is their biggest hit, and since then, nothing came up. These girls are talented as heck. I don’t think anyone (beside Miryo) raps for fiercer than Baby J. You can feel her passion in that intro that we got in their album and the song itself. The vocals are superb and really rocking out. The instrumental had the feel of American Hip Hop and sound really good. Why they did not win an award really confuses me. To me Jewelry is one of those groups, where all the members can do cute, fierce, retro, mainstream and ballad type concepts, which is a really good thing.

The music video was pretty good. Only thing I am gonna complain with was it was dark. Like common, most of it was okayjust those really dark scenes. The girls looked extremely sexy and beautiful while doing their make-up. Question: Why are they doing their make-up despite already having a load of make up on and the most beautiful faces ever? I also spotted a Chanel hat, is that even allowed? And Why is Semi lying down in  clothes that are too pretty to lie down in? Ahhh, curious kid here, just wanting some questions answered! Hahahahaha.

The dance is pretty good and fits the song perfectly. Shake That Ass and we will all look at you. Hehehehehehe.

Really good song. Okay music video and a pretty cool dance. 7.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀

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