Please Tell Me – Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day recently made their comeback with a digital single. It was first released 31st ish of July ( I am not sure, hopefully my maths add up) as a digital single, but was performed on Inkigayo prior to release on the 28th of July. I am not sure about this rumour, but apparently the song was meant to be released ages ago, however instead they kept the song under wraps until now, where they are performing it. It seems like the band is securing their fame with another release as a follow up single, as they had only finished promoting Female President and Expectation, but have gone straight into the release of a new song. This song takes the girls back to their “cute” days, telling all fans and listeners that the band can actively go back and forth with image changes.

The song is quite different from Female President and Expectation. Both were quite sexy songs that showed off their lady charms. ‘Please Tell Me’ on the other hand, takes the girls back to their Twinkle Twinkle or Hug Me Once day which the girls are known for.  The song has that summer feel to it that I find is quite lacking. I like the song, but the hype which the company created for the song and others comparing it to Sistar’s Loving U, was really too much. The song did lack quite a bit in that fresh feel that we want to hear in all summer songs. However, I thought the song is quite cute and sounds pretty good. That addition to the guy at the start is quite random and I found that it was not needed. But at the same time, it did a good job at opening the song. The vocals were pretty cool and the rap fitted the song, amazingly. I liked the chorus as well. Overall, not what I had expected but still a  good song.

There is no music video for this, but there is a stage performances. I thought the dance is quite cute and that singing at the start: is it the actual singer or a dancer just standing in for the guy? I cannot really tell. The band is doing quite well in terms of popularity for this song as it gives fans the chance to listen to a song that is not full on jumpy or sad and emotional.

6.5/10. Not what I had expected (disappointed just a small bit), but still a good song to listen to.

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