Growl – EXO


EXO recently made their comeback with their followup album with Growl. Rejoining with all 12 members, EXO is continuing their massive takeover of the charts with this very song. Released on the 5th of August, the band has been been topping charts with their latest song. The group has wowed fans with their new song and style of their music video taken in one shot. Yeah, sorry about the lame introduction. Growl is included in the repackaged album of their first album including their last promotional song, Wolf.

This song is much better than Wolf. So much better that I actually liked it. I disliked Wolf and Mama, but this song is quite different altogether. I like the hip hop feel of the song which is completely different to other songs. I also do like the instrumental. It seems poppy and really like how it is upbeat at some parts and then slow at others. The chorus is pretty catchy especially the “Na eureureong eureureong eureureong dae” part which is really catchy. I feel sorry for my friends, because I kept on singing that part the whole day. The transitions to the rap at the end of the song was not as great. And that extra slow part which sounds like a pop ballad at the end sounds pretty awkward which goes to show that this song has a few genres mashed into one. The song’s ending with the two thumps (also through the song) was pretty cool as well. I find this song 1000000 times better than Wolf and it seems like the band made the right song choice.

The music video is really creative. It is taken with what we can assume is with a camera of one shot. Who was extremely impressed with this video because of that? Unlike some videos lately such as f(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum, this video was well invested. They did seem have a smaller budget with the clothing. Yeah, I saw that they did not change much from the outfit which they wore in Wolf’s drama version. Also the lighting in this video contributed to the feel of the video. Yes, the non “flashing lights switch dance by Baekhyun” flashing lights. Pretty weird they missed out on that while editing the video and finding the perfect shot. The music video looked pretty good this time around but SM needs to do this for all of their artists. But such a creative video which we cannot see for any other band in the company.

As for the dance, it too incorporated that circle shape to the choreography and the camera work as well for some of the live stages. I particularly find this dance much more appealing than Wolf. The live is pretty good. However am I the only one really unimpressed with the hat trick in both the video and the stage performances? It was pretty lame compared to the rest of the video. The dance was pretty cool and then there was the “amazing” hat trick by the members.

8/10. Impressed by this song. That is my point of view. But was yours? Did you like Wolf or Growl more? Comment below!!!!

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