24 Hours – Sunmi

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Sunmi, a former member (or is she still a part of the band JYP?) recently made her solo debut and her first comeback since leaving the band in 2010, making this her first comeback to the stage in 3 years. Regardless of whatever has happened, she made her comeback with 24 Hours on the 20th of August and became an instant hit with fans, with many “Wonderfuls” supporting her with her debut. Since she has achieved her first all kill on all the major charts and definitely she has deserved it. Seriously, after 2 weeks full of EXO awards, I think it is time we “dethrone” them and give fans the chance to vote for new songs. So many other bands, particularly Sunmi, because she has my vote, deserve this week’s award as best song. Come on! Who is with me?

The song really has that dramatic feel that got fans loving the song. Really, the whole song was just amazing. True, JYP have not been doing as well with 2PM and 2AM and all of the other artist, but I think this is the song well done. Like Nobody, by the Wonder Girls was amazing as well. I love the chorus. She has this husky voice that I think only Gain has as well. It fits the song really well. I really love the tango breakdown in the song, it must be one of the best breakdowns ever. Seriously, I love this song. I think I am rambling on a bit too much. The song basically talks about how a girl should not miss out on her lover for more than 24 hours. Talk about being in love. The instrumental was pretty cool and those “Baby” voices throughout the song song were pretty cool as well.

The music video was okay. Not exactly thrilling as I expected, but it did the job. We see a girl who is turning back the time so she can be with her lover again and then things started to go a different direction. It seems to me when that she is a jumper, or whatever you call them. Her or her boyfriend. Because they jump from a rain storm to a rip off to Las vegas, to the wall, to their bed in what less than 10 seconds? And then she starts touching her boyfriend’s defined back and I guess the rest is self explanatory. 😉 . As for that tango break down part of the song, I really love the set for it. It is basically simple, nothing that complicated. Actually I like all the sets in the video, mainly because they look cool. But I am quite surprised of her and her dancer transition from wearing white to black. A bit of X-Man in there as well. At the end, she goes back in time, to which her clock has been set to the previous 24 hours, which is also pretty cool.

The dance is pretty amazing. It is ballet, I think she or someone mentioned in an interview and I love it. Especially the part she stands on her back up dancer’s thigh. Not sure if it is sexy or anything, but damn move those hips. It looked so cool. Also, the guys joined in as well. And the watch motion. Woo!

10/10. Have not be impressed by a JYP song so far, so this is pretty cool. Yay!!!

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