Do You Love Me? – 2NE1


2NE1 has made their comeback with a new song after their release of Falling In Love and they have been keeping to their schedule of releasing a song every month. Last month we saw a more feminine side of the band with their reggae themed song, Falling In Love. This time around we got a dance heavy track, which is bound to make you guys all jump (not as much as Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar). Hands up if you got that!!!! Hahahahaha…. That is me being weird. Honestly the song has not been performing as well on the charts as many has been expecting, rising and then dropping quite quickly. Do You Love Me only won one award so far, but still is not dropping as quickly as many antis expected.

The song is much more poppish and dancey compared to Falling In Love. It is a song that you would find at a club and many people dancing to it. I love the very start of the song. with that swaying like instrumental. I have to admit though, the bass was a little too much in the song. When CL starts singing, I basically fell in love with the song. The chorus is quite the let down in the song, which sounded awkward. Do You Love Me was repeated like a million times in the song to the point where it got a little annoying. Bom’s part were quite lacking, living up to her standards as the artist who has the worst control with her voice. Dara, finally has a song where she is not autotuned. I also love the ending of the song where everything goes all quiet for a second and bang, they launch back right into the song. Not like I Am The Best, that the company had compared it too, but still a pretty cool song.

The music video was quite horrible. I understand the the whole point that the band had a tight schedule and did not have enough time to shoot a full scale music video to impress their fan, but this music video was quite horribly done. I would’ve honestly just delayed the comeback. Like, a “home made video” for something that is meant to captivate fans? I applaud YG for doing something different, but he should’ve known that there were going to be more cons for this than pros. I also hate that filter to give that more antique look. That or the company needs to invest in a more in a much better camera. You are meant to be a dance song, not something I would find in the 1930’s.

The dance is still pretty feminine. Still good however. I love the start. But it does not carry that 2NE1 feel that we all want from the band. Quite disappointed, but still pretty cool.

6/10. Yeah, song was great. Music video and dance not that great. My question to you is: which 2NE1 song did you like more? Falling In Love or Do You Love Me? Answer in the poll below.

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